My Favorite Holidays

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Every year people cannot wait for certain things to come around whether it is school, sports or even a specific event. However, that is not the case for myself because I look forward to the holidays in the winter time. The decorations that are seen outside while driving, the cheerful children playing and laughing or joyful families coming together are an amazing sight to see. There are many holidays each year that are celebrated ranging from summer to winter such as the 4th of July to New Year’s. My favorite holidays that I love to celebrate consist of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Starting off, there are multiple events and reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite. Often families do not spend time together as they should. Thanksgiving is a perfect time when family members can come together from all over, catch up while enjoying a warm home cooked meal and laugh at past events. The meals vary from a Thanksgiving dinner to something more cultural depending on the family’s tradition. When it comes to laughter, my family likes to talk about the times when I, my brother and cousins were younger and all the things we did like jumping on the bed or fighting. Thanksgiving also comes with Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday which allows people to find that one gift for that specific person such as new electronics or clothes.

Furthermore, my second favorite holiday is Christmas because of the events and opportunities families can partake in. During the Christmas holiday there usually is snow which calls for outside fun. Children can build snowmen, make snow angels or even go sledding on that one big hill. Other activities my family likes to do are build gingerbread houses, play board games and decorate the house. I love driving with my little sister and younger cousins and seeing their faces when they see the blow-up Santa clause and Reindeer. Along with the blow up décor, the lights on the roof tops with the Christmas music playing gives children that sense of happiness and excitement they do not get throughout the year. Christmas is also a great time to share presents with one another and surprise everyone with gifts they have been wanting for a while. Again, this describes the season’s activities and scenes, but it needs to explain exactly why you like it.

Finally, my most favorited holiday is New Year’s. The leftover turkey and whatever else may be in the fridge, the desserts such as grandma’s famous cookies, and the time spent with family is amazing in general. My family always likes to partake in karaoke and sing our hearts out like a celebrity. Although we may not sound amazing, it provides the family with comedy that TV or social media could not compare with. New Year’s is the time to come together and move into the New Year with positive vibes and happiness with people we love the most. A major thing we like to do is watch the ball drop live and wait for that countdown to open the champagne and cheers to the good times.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are my favorite holidays for many different reasons. Those three holidays give families the chance to catch up after not seeing each other for a long period of time and celebrate everything in front of them. It allows families to make new memories on top of the past that will never be forgotten and provides stories for the future celebrations to come. The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy home cooked meals and seasonal desserts that are not made throughout the year while having fun with family and friends. All of the events and activities that take place is something that brings happiness and joy to the world. The fact of the matter is that the holidays allow families to reminisce and bring themselves back to what family means and how much they love each other.

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