My Experience with Stock Market

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A stock market is a stock exchange, where inventors buy and sell shares. It work when buyers and sellers to negotiate price and make trades. Before you invest in a stock you should know what your doing, review your fiance and invest with a plan. Before we started the section we found three companies we wanted to invest in. My three companies i chose were t-mobile, mcdonalds and nissan. I invested in these because they are big companies and its something people use everyday. But if you don’t know what your doing and stocks are trading you might lose money. About stock inventors buy shares at a certain price and sell shares at a profit.

I think it’s very easy to find the company on their website. You can track and record the closing price of your three stocks. Also track and record the Dow Jones industrial average on www.finance.yahoo.com. A Dow Jones is a large business and financial new company in the world.

In the beginning of this project i was giving 10,000 to invest into stocks. At first i didn’t know what i was doing. But then the more i was going over it with my friends and teacher, i started understanding it more. I had chose a little bit of stocks because i was scared to get close to the number but then i only got a little bit and i needed way more such like in the 30 stocks.

My three stocks were Mcdonalds, T-mobile & Nissan. Mcdonalds because everywhere you go you see a mcdonald’s and its always full for breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Mcdonalds is very worldwide and they make a lot of money daily and weekly T-mobile because they got a way to take people money when they ready. They got things for their people such as t mobile tuesday. That’s a way for people to keep billing their bills and staying with them. I don’t think no other companies does that. And last but not least Nissan, nissan is a good company because their cars can run good in any company and its strong also. Dont need alot of gas to keep it running ad its fast.

For my stocks I really didn’t lose much and didn’t gain much either. This stock project taught me alot and and ive learn for the future and i can tell others about it. I didn’t know anything about stock market in the beginning or what it was. I like the fact that it was easy and i didn’t like the fact that it was too much thinking and work.


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Can you explain me about stock market?
The stock market is a platform where people buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies. The prices of these shares are determined by supply and demand and can fluctuate based on various factors such as company performance, economic conditions, and investor sentiment.
What do you learn from stock market?
1. The stock market can teach you a lot about how to manage your money and make wise investments. 2. It can also be a great way to learn about different companies and industries.
What is your investing experience?
I have been investing for 5 years. I started with a small investment in a mutual fund and have since added stocks and bonds to my portfolio.
Why do you like the stock market?
There are many advantages of working from home, but the biggest advantage is that you can design your own schedule. You can work around your family's schedule, your other commitments, and you can take breaks when you need them.
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