My Experience to Study Abroad in Copenhagen Application

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I am excited to study abroad in Copenhagen because I know that I will both grow and be challenged during my trip. Firstly, I believe that studying abroad will teach me how to live outside my comfort zone. I will be living in a country and city where I know absolutely no one. The only preparation I will have about the culture is limited to what books and articles can capture. By living outside my comfort zone, I hope to become more independent. Whether it be learning to commute to school alone, exploring new neighborhoods in the city, or learning to plan and execute trips to other countries, I see my time abroad as essential to me becoming more independent. I expect that this independence will sometimes challenge me and may make me feel homesick or lonely. However, I believe that if I truly engage with the community around me, I can avoid some of those feelings. Additionally, I think living outside my comfort zone will allow me to become more adaptable. While living abroad, I won’t always have control over every aspect of my life.

But by challenging myself to experience some uncertainty, I believe I will become better at managing unexpected changes. As I learn about and experience a new culture, I hope to expand my worldview and be able to incorporate what I learn into my daily life in the US. Living in Denmark will give me insight into a unique cultural perspective. In this increasingly globalized world, I believe it is important for me to know how someone’s culture can affect their worldview. Additionally, experiencing a different culture in Copenhagen will allow me to try new foods, learn a new language, and gain an appreciation for a nation’s history I otherwise never would have the opportunity to experience. I hope to be able to bring a bit of Copenhagen back with me too. Whether it be incorporating hygge into the design of my apartment or subscribing to the Copenhagen Post I think it is important that my connection with Danish culture outlives my stay in Copenhagen. Finally, though I hope to gain a great deal while abroad I also hope to contribute to the community I will be living and studying in.

One of the biggest contributions I hope to make while abroad is through volunteering with CPH. CPH is a volunteer corps of about 2,000 people both native Danes and international residents. As a volunteer, I hope to sign up to assist in the execution of citywide and local events. I also hope to contribute to my classes by providing a uniquely American perspective to discussions and debates. Especially as a political science student, I believe my ability to discuss the American political system in contrast to the Danish and other European political systems could provide interesting insight. Though I hope to grow and be challenged in the ways I’ve mentioned above, I genuinely believe my time abroad will change me in more ways than I could possibly imagine.

As a political science major, I am excited to study international political systems up close. Even though my focus has been on American political systems, I realize American politics doesn’t occur within a vacuum. There are global influences that affect American politics and governments and I think living and studying abroad will help me better understand that. I also hope to learn how Denmark is addressing issues like terrorism, climate change, and immigration similarly and/or differently than how the US is handling them. In a time when problems seem insurmountable, I truly believe that an open exchange of ideas between governments can help to create lasting and effective solutions.

Additionally, living in Copenhagen will allow me to learn about the Danish multiparty political system as well as the constitutional monarchy. I am also eager to learn how Denmark functions within the EU. Having only ever lived in the United States, I am excited to learn how the various parties cooperate both with each other and the Prime Minister in order to create legislation. Also, I am interested to learn more about the Danish welfare state and how the country is able to promote social mobility while maintaining a market economy. Also, as an urban studies minor, I hope to see how European cities and Copenhagen specifically differ from the traditional American city and NYC in particular.

I’m interested to see and learn about the unique architecture, urban planning and transportation systems of Denmark. Also, I’m excited to take advantage of the interesting and unique classes DIS offers in Copenhagen specifically, “Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective”, “Fleeing Across Borders: International Refugee Law” and ‘Equality in Scandinavia: Developments and Challenges of the Welfare State’. While in Copenhagen, I hope to develop concrete skills that I can apply to my coursework when I return home. Namely, I hope to walk away with a better ability to discuss international politics and political systems. Also, I hope to be able to better compare and contrast the Danish political system with that of the US. The quality of the education I’ll receive in addition to the variety of interesting courses available to me are a major reason why I was attracted to studying in Copenhagen.

I am still unsure of what exactly I want to be doing after I graduate. Though my course work and internship opportunities have opened my eyes to career paths in government, campaigns, and nonprofits, I still believe my career future is wide open. That being said, I know that my time abroad will make me a more well rounded person. After living and studying in Copenhagen, I will be able to better understand and appreciate cultural differences.


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