Modern Male Sex Addiction

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Often misinterpreted as a Sexual Compulsive Disorder, or Hypersexual, Sex addiction exists among 5% women and 10% men in society (Rosenberg et. al, 2013). The majority become involved with multiple casual partners and the question of how much sex is excessive still lingers in inquisition. With little to nothing feedback on what is consensus knowledge, many who seek for treatment are not properly diagnosed because of insufficient information. The American Psychiatric Association declined the proposed Hypersexual criteria in 2003 and transpired conspiracies on what is believed to be the difference between an addiction and a disorder among the public. (Scanavino et. al, 2018)

Hypersexual described as an impulse with no control correlates as an effect due to anxiety from a Sexual Compulsive Disorder( Samenow et. al, 2018) however sex contributes the same brain dysfunctions and distress as gambling (Rosenberg et. al, 2013). While Hypersexual and addiction both manifest an excessive amount of sexuality, an addiction is not merely a toxic habit but an unfulfilled desire. The craving of the dopamine that is achieved is what distinguishes an addict from a mentally disabled due to the ability to control one’s own thoughts. CSB is accompanied by other pathology factors that cause the sex activities because of effects from disorders (Anxiety, OCD, ADHD,Bipolar). Many have proposed criteria for the correlation but few agree on Sex addicts being victimized as unconscious CSB patients.

Sex addicts face issues regarding decreased stimulation and persistent desire; addiction exists however has not been proven so which causes a misunderstanding on the issue. The chemical addiction that is yearned for can be achieved but the price outweighs the reward and the addict is no longer aware of the reward/danger system (Samenow et. al, 2018). It is hypothesized that Addiction and Compulsive Disorders are not one of the same, but within the same category: Hypersexual. The power that addicts have over the decisions being made is the control that CSB patients long for. Like depression and other disorders, Hypersexual is a condition that is not permanent but can influence excessive sex as an outcome of the influence of external factors.


I utilized Articles recommended by Professor Glass for an accurate and relevant overview of the misunderstanding on Sexual Addiction and Behavior.

The development of the structure and theory were influenced by: 1) EBSCO Master Search Database, keywords: Sexual Addiction 2) Advanced Google Search 3)Youtube Tedtalks. The articles containing the information that were displayed were: (Braun-Harvey et. al, 2016) (Rosenberg et. al, 2013) Scanavino et. al, 2018) (Samenow et. al, 2018) . Additional use of articles researched in Fullerton Library was searched as well as advanced Google search.


Sex addicts are tempted by their desire to be pleasured but because it is seen as a social disruption in society, many neglect their wants because of the shame and guilt. The desires have no limit; controversially, it is everything but a desire because it is attained regardless of the price to be paid (smart recovery). For a proper criteria to become developed, what is abnormal has to heard without judgment. The pleasures of one are not always so pleasant but understanding its role provides insight and an effect on sexuality.

The pleasures and desires of a Male Sex Addict often leaves him lonely, damaged family/friend relations, financial matters and puts employment status on jeopardy. The pleasures drive him away to engage in the adultery acts and become antisocial. The need to increase pleasure becomes inevitably stabled because of constant satisfaction (Rosenberg et. al, 2013). The unsettledness will push the addict to engage in: porn, chatrooms, and paid sex (Rosenberg et. al, 2013).

The sexuality representing an addict is adultery and misunderstood. The neurotransmitters craved for are challenged by: religion, social status, and the sacred power/cosmology beliefs which limit the potential love affairs one has. Although masturbation is helpful to release sperm, it diminishes the idea of marriage/family . It is why normalizing sexual acts can be helpful to remove anxiety that is often almost the reason for impulsive sexual actions (Braun-Harvey et. al, 2016).

By increasing and normalizing abnormal sex behavior, it is accepted in modern society and less aggression will result in a decrease of unwanted pregnancy and rape. Sexuality issues with pleasure brings to the surface the vicious cycle that exists; the reason for an excessive urge of sexual activities is due to childhood trauma. The high sex drive pushes for new experiences and increases possibility of more sexual activity preferences.


The cure for Sex Addiction/CSD/Hypersexual lies in our society; the willingness to explore and learn what is not understood now can improve human behavior. Accepting and being compassionate about one’s sexual preference increases confidence and decreases guilt. As well as decreasing abuse and toxifying oneself in order to feel pleasure. Hypersexual is a condition that requires excessive sex as the effect of an outcome (desired or not) but it only becomes excessive after the control has been lost due to either vulnerability and/or temptation.

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