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Aristotle and Amy Taylor About Sex

Human beings care about many things in life and are the reason as to why there exist beliefs and domains in life. Values and ethics make the greatest of human cares and form a major part in consciousness and rational thinking. Several philosophies have existed especially in dealing and guiding human behaviors and characters in…




Sex Education

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Safer Sex Explanation for Teenagers

This article goes through six different tips on how to approach the topic of sex to your teenager to guarantee they know everything they need regarding safer sex. Before they discuss each tip, they first bring up the fact that, the majority of the time, the negative outcomes of teen sex is not due to…



Sex Education

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Safe Sex or Russian Roulette

Sexually Transmitted diseases (STD) are one of the major causes of death in teenagers and young adults. 6 out of 10 high school teens are sexually active and 1 in 4 teens contract an STD every year, according to DoSomething.org Memphis has been named number one in top ten cities leading Tennessee in the std…



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Cultural Attitudes Toward Premarital Sex

What most affects cultural attitudes toward premarital sex? Reproducing and the instinctive desire to reproduce are apart of human culture as a whole. However, many cultural factors are tied into views on premarital sex across different cultures. Once we understand that different factors arise in each culture leading these views to be held, the greater…



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Sex in the Media

It is a known fact that the childbirth takes a toll on the mother’s body, the exact expanse of time needed to fully heal prior to having intercourse again remains vague. In “Is There a Right Time for Sex After Childbirth?” Serene Gordon of Healthcare Reporter explained that each mother should technically have her own…


Sex Education

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Sex and Sexuality in Pompeii

Sexual desire is a response to our biological drive, as well as social and psychological factors in which the way it is expressed today, may differ from past eras. Society plays a great role in what is ethically acceptable to be a sexual desire. Sexual expressions in humans are based on the sexual freedom of…

Ancient Rome,

Human Sexuality,


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Healthy Sex: The Ultimate Guide 

Sex turns out to be not just satisfying and pleasurable but healthy, too. Find out about the benefits of healthy sex and how you can keep your sex life thriving. It’s been repeated a hundred times: To be healthy, you need to eat right, get physically fit, and sleep adequately. But something can make the…



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Safe Sex Practice

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, also known as the big three, are on the rise in the state of Hawaii. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), individuals between 15-24 years of age account for nearly half of all new STD infections. This should be of great concern to the University at Hawaii…


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Modern Male Sex Addiction

Often misinterpreted as a Sexual Compulsive Disorder, or Hypersexual, Sex addiction exists among 5% women and 10% men in society (Rosenberg et. al, 2013). The majority become involved with multiple casual partners and the question of how much sex is excessive still lingers in inquisition. With little to nothing feedback on what is consensus knowledge,…

Human Sexuality,

Reproductive System,


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Whose Body Is It Anyway? Affording Autonomy to Intersex Children

There are certain parts of life that, largely, are expected by every human being. One aspect of life that most people expect is in regard to their external genitalia. When children are typically taught about their bodies early on in life, they are told that boys have penises and girls have vaginas and that, because…




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