Martin Luther King Was a Great Leader

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a marvelous leader, work for black people and he had some traits like Intelligence, determination, and self-confidence. How all of the traits make him an outstanding leader?

To begin with, he was intelligent in the fact that He was able to lead African Americans in a nonviolent way to the advancement of civil rights. On page 116 said “Martin’s long letter was written mostly on scraps of paper and smuggled out of the jail a few pages at a time. That shows us he gets self-confident on his power to come with his dream. He used this tactic of nonviolence to manifest.

In addition, Martin Luther King is known as a remarkable leader because of is initiative. As a leader it’s essential to know when to take responsibility and take the first step to influence the followings. He was a member of the civil right activist who in most occasions represented the African American community, within his career he had become a major leader and influence regarding his matter. He took the initiative to represent the black community and crave for justice for all races. Beside been an example to the black community. Martin Luther as a leader was also had great judgement. Which as a leader this character traits is necessary. As it had helped him to make precise and important decision throughout his lifetime as a leader.

Furthermore, he had determination because he desired to get his job done. Dr. King was determined to make his dream done in one day to make everyone equal. On page 53 in the book, Martin Luther King still wondered if people would have the courage to carry out the boycott of the bus company, he said people have to be strong. People can not afford to get weak and give up. He determined to make his work done and work for everyone.

In conclusion, Martin Luther was an outstanding leader by his actions to help African Americans in the civil rights movements. Despite, he went to jail he still goes forward after his dream. He became a great leader in his time. He had capacity to lead people and come with nonviolence on march on Washington.

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