Main Traits for Heroes

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Everyone can be a hero in life. A hero can be defined by various traits. Heroes can be whether extraordinary individuals with gifted talents or people that make incredible changes in others’ lives. Does not depend on the background, bravery, empathy, and flexibility must root in their heart.

From fantasy heroes such as Superman or Captain America to real-life heroes, for example, Stanislav Petrov – who saved the world from the risk of World War III between the United States and Russia back in the 1980s – there is a crucial and indispensable trait which is bravery (TheGuardian, 2017). True heroes always have the courage to fight for the right despite any hardship. Bravery gives an individual the strength to help and the willingness to save. The famous Australian magazine, Daily Telegraph, once mentioned that a superpower or nice dressed costume is unnecessary, yet the one vital factor is bravery that makes them true heroes (Gibson, 2015). Besides that, being brave can help individuals in the journey of a hero. A theory of Matthew Winkler illustrates a 12 stated – circle called “hero’s journey” that a person has to complete to become a hero (Winkler, 2017).

In this cycle, heroes must go through a stage called “Approach” where they face their greatest fear. As this process is taking place, these characters are required to perform numerous skills and values. With bravery, individuals will be able to face their fears and overcome obstacles to reap success. Throughout history, there is a variety of individuals that were brave enough to stand up for themselves or their community or their race, nation and one of them is Martin Luther King. Dr. King did not only dream of peace, but he stands up, advocate for independent, justice of his (Josephson, 2013). Anyone can dream of the same thing but an only brave man like him can combat to make it come true. Everybody has fears and by being brave enough to surmount them, any individual can become a hero for themselves or the surrounding community.

Sometimes people need to be empathetic with others to become true heroes. Life is tough and not everything we see is true. Being understanding for others can help people feel more comfortable. Being compassionate is when individuals try their best not to judge others by their first sight, but listen and put themselves in their shoes to understand the situation. A hero would not need to do incredible things that help the world, they can just be a listener. According to HelpGuide – a non-profit international organization on mental health and wellness, depressed patients always need someone to communicate with them throughout their treatment (HelpGuide, 2019). To be clear, if one is suffering from depression, a good listener can mean everything to them. By reaching out, an individual is showing care to those needed and the patient will no longer feel lonely. That one person can be a hero with empathy by communicating and supporting.

Moreover, empathy can help individuals to show care and love for people around. Empathy does not mean agree with others in all cases, but it means always be there rooting for them. For instance, if an individual made a wrong decision, the hero is the one that will be there to cheer them up and show them what is the correct way instead of criticizing them for their fault. When individuals illustrate their attention and support toward others, they can become true heroes with a kind and warm heart. In reality, if heroes are those that censure another when they did something wrong then anyone can be a hero. However, a hero must be an understanding person who is willing to forgive and light the path for others and also for themselves. A hero can be defined in diverse methods, but in the end, empathy is a must for any hero.

For any hero around the globe, being flexible is necessary for them to undergo their journey. A hero in the today society needs to go through various shifts in perspective. An open mind requires a person to change and look at a subject from different angles in life. In the book “Angela’s Ashes”, Frank McCourt once mentioned: “You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace” (McCourt). A palace has a variety of rooms and so does your mind. Having flexibility as a trait inside one’ heart helps him/her broaden their minds which can create more rooms of shifts inside. Being open-minded and willing to learn new things motivates individuals to improve their knowledge variety since these practices enable the individual to criticize an issue in different points of view before making the final decision.

Furthermore, flexibility supports heroes in solving obstacles. For example, if a hero was open-minded, he could look re-examine the situation based on a diversity of perspectives. As a result, he would gather information from various resources and put it all together to come up with what to do in the end. Therefore, an inquisitive person will give unprejudiced and balanced conductions to get over the barrier. Together, being open can help heroes create equity and transparency in any of their decisions.

In conclusion, people must share these three essential traits to become a hero in reality as well as in fantasy. Being brave would help heroes overcome their fears while empathy can demonstrate the inside of them, and flexibility can avoid bias in any assessment of a hero. In today’s modern world, anyone can be a hero no matter who you are or where you came from. Always keep these vital values inside then you will be a hero.

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