Life as a Nacirema?

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Recently, anthropologists around the world have brought the existence of an eccentric tribe from the state of being unknown to being known. Although the location of the tribe has long been a mystery, it was only recently that their location was declared to be in between the most southern part of Mongolia and the northern part of China. As mysterious and peculiar they may be, we know nothing of their way of life except for the fact that they are very dependent on the practice of daily rituals. This makes it seem as if the survival of their species relies solely on the continuance of their highly revered daily rituals.

Although men and women are equals within the tribe’s community, the tribe’s way of operation is still unclear. However, the focus of their daily rituals seems to be on the process of cleansing the body of one’s imperfection and flaws. Having a perfect body is highly sought for within the tribe.

Frightening as it may be to watch the Nacirema mutilate their body into perfection, it can be concluded that the denizens will do absolutely anything and everything to achieve perfection. Among the tribe, anthropologists have observed that women have placed more of an importance into the refinement of their body. Although both men and women seek perfection, the females have seemed to embed the idea of being estranged by the tribe or cast out into the core of their beliefs.

Among the hundreds of daily rituals practiced by the Nacirema, the gnikculp of their eyebrows and the noisentxe of their eyelashes is profoundly agonizing and bizarre. In this process, men and women remove any surplus of hair on their foreheads. However, the noisentxe of the eyelashes are done only by the females. The process of this ritual requires the females to create fake eyelashes and attach them onto their original eyelashes.

To complete the process of gnikcul, women must gather their tweezers and forcefully remove the hair one by one. For the noisentx, the women must first head to the shaman temple to acquire a magical potion that allows their fake eyelashes to latch onto their eyelids. By applying the potion onto the tip of their eyelids, they then can create the sense that their eyelashes are extended.

This is then repeated throughout their whole lives as the hair on their eyebrows always grows new ones, however, the noisetxe of the eyelashes depends on the discretion from women to women. On the other hand, one can simply go to a beauty parlor and have all this done by the shaman themselves, but they must trade in something of equal or greater value as a payment to the shaman.

As primitive as the Nacirema tribe may be, it is obvious that they are a highly ritualized group of people. The fact that they are still in existence today after relying on their daily rituals concludes that they have to their own specific way of life and survival.

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