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Domestication during Neolithic Revolution

For at least three million years, various hominins, including homo sapiens, had sustained themselves by carrying out two tasks; hunting/fishing for prey and gathering edible items such as fruits, nuts or insects. Homo sapiens are one of few species who combined the two tasks, with men often exclusively hunting and women prominently gathering (History World…


Neolithic Revolution

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Comparison of Agriculture of Neolithic Revolution and Hunter-Gatherer Communities

10,000 years ago, the climate began to change and human population density was on the rise, causing many species of wild plants and animals to be driven to endangerment or extinction. Food became scarce, and our hunter-gatherer ancestors were in search of alternative methods of obtaining food. It was then that a group of people…


Neolithic Revolution

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People and Agriculture of Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic time was a period in human development on  technology it was called the last stage of the Stone age. The Neolithic was a very phenomenal period in megalithic architecture, that distributed agricultural procedure, and the use of lustrous stone tools. During this aspiring time with the development in agriculture, humans began to completely…


Neolithic Revolution

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