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Updated April 19, 2022

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Leadership Philosophy Paper essay

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Developing a personal leadership philosophy empowers one to lead successfully by providing guidance to how you lead and influence, your values, and what is expected of your team and the type of environment you commit to creating. As an individual who has successfully lead a family business, my leadership philosophy revolves around the term charismatic, visionary, and integrity. This type of leader would look like someone who is “dominant and exceptionally self-confidence” (Bateman, 2014) with a strong drive to create trust and confidence in followers. This leader is well liked based on the goodness of the character and has a clear vision on what success looks like and is able to keep followers/team members motivated to innovate and perform at an exceptionally high level by giving them a sense of purpose in the work they do. The most effective part of this particular leadership philosophy is it encourages the heart. In other words, it touches others emotionally having a stronger impact because when others are able to have a connection with you and know that you care for their success as much as your own, they do much more than just the work, they work toward the vision with you.

An ideal team that would cooperate and is effective with this style of leadership can be diverse in skills, age, race, and any background they may hold. From my experience of leading and running multiple nail salons, I’ve noticed with a diverse background, the workers all seems to share the same values. These individuals specifically value the idea of personal development, communication, empowerment, and actively committed to organization goals/vision. Charismatic leaders are role models; they are power influencer and are good at what they intended to do as well as being able to bring out the best in their team performance. That is why those who are willing to better themselves in performance and are looking for feelings of empowerment will collaborate effectively with a charismatic leader. Charismatic leaders are known to be strong communicators and use powerful language to evoke an emotional response from followers and make them feel good and create confidence in their followers. Because of how the charismatic leader utilized emotional appeal to communicate with their followers, it enables feelings of trust. With trust, the leader has gained their influence and followers will instantly commit to the created vision by the leader because, in the eyes of the follower, the leader is now a credible figure that knows what she/he is doing. Therefore, a team that holds all the values above and desire of a leader who is a role model and compassionate that all can connect to, be likable, and trustworthy would collaborate greatly with a charismatic leader.

An organizational environment that I believe operates well under charismatic leadership would look like a place where employees of all levels felt valued and important. The company is able to be transparent about the success and failure of the company internally and externally and is able actively to listen to what employees have to say and consider on those suggestions and feedback for improvement within the organizations. All employees understood the purpose and importance in their work and everyone is on board to stay committed and willingly to work together in achieving the same vision from top to bottom. When nothing seems to be going right, the company would use failure as a learning opportunity and remain in control of the people and the situation all around. Keeping positive energy in all type of situation will make the whole work environment enthused, invigorating, and stress-free. This helps build a stronger culture among the workforce having an established trust and respect between employees and its leader. As a result, it creates an environment where employees are significantly satisfied and happy with their jobs and workplace. Thus, earning the company devotion, reverence, and a commitment that make greater goals/achievements possible for the company and each employee within in.

This type of leadership style seems to be my preferred approach because Charisma is the most essential traits of a successful person and its what lead me to become the leader that I am today. Looking at previous and current leaders, innovators and legends they all have one thing in common that make them successful, they all possess one quality called charisma. Aside from wanting to follow successful footsteps of other charismatic leaders this leadership style is an advantage for many to have in today’s Business. In today’s business environment, it’s a challenge to attract and retain talented and high skilled employees. A company is nothing if the people within it aren’t dedicated, committed or motivated to do what they do best. Therefore, having that charismatic character in the way we lead would ‘satisfy other people’s needs and help reduce their stress’ (Bateman, 2014). This is important because in today’s workforce, people especially talented ones are in search of a company where they felt the needs are met and the working environment is comfortable and relaxed. This keeps workers happy and productive which is the key to leading a successful business.

Aside to the success of leading a business, Charismatic leader have qualities that make collaborative work effective, and we know that only as a team will the goal/vision be fully achieved. Charismatic leaders are great listeners, a skill many leaders nowadays lack. Being able to listen to employees will help them feel heard, and most likely they will become more invested in your leadership and the company while respecting you even more as a leader. With that, you as the leader wouldn’t feel like you’re facing all these dramatic business decisions alone as you’re opening opportunities for a diversity of new opinions. This means that you, the leader and the worker are working together to teach one another on new ideas and valuable insights into the way the business operates and what improvements can be made. Another quality that makes a charismatic leader a great partner to collaborate with is they see the best in people and is able to channel it. Charismatic leaders have the ability to see potential in others and know how to bring it out and put in use. The leader can see the strength of others in the team, respects them, and work with them to motivate for higher potential by setting the high bar for those individuals to achieve. This type of encouragement makes the worker feel more confident and brings back good results to collaborative work and success in leadership itself. I believe focusing on these qualities and continually find new ways to improve will significantly help me better myself in the way I lead and most importantly will make good meanings and positive results in any type of collaborative settings with others.


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