Language and Identity

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As a child growing up I’ve had to deal with people assuming who I am based on how I look or speak without even knowing me or where I come from. For example, how people always assume that your from a certain country, city, state or area based on how you look, the way you speak, the way you act, or because you speak a language other than English. We as people are quick to judge or identify one another without even knowing the difference between the language we speak, culture, or heritage that person comes from.

For instance if we hear someone speak Spanish that person is automatically identified as a Mexican, but you see there is more then where that comes from that language just because this person speaks Spanish does not make them Mexican and last time I checked Mexico is not the only Spanish speaking country in this world. Also I’ve noticed that the majority of people who see us this way are Americans but not all and even I myself have done this and sometimes I don’t even notice what I’m doing until it’s done.

I’ve also had to deal with this there has been so many people who’ve thought I was white based on how I look even the way I act, but once these people hear me speak Spanish they would be so shocked and seeing their reactions I would get so embarrassed to keep talking I remember that there was a time that I hated speaking to my mom because I felt like I was being judged, but now that I’m older and started working I embrace where I come from more I speak more Spanish than I ever did.

I believe Language has a big impact with who we are as a person. The language we speak is considered part of our culture or heritage we’re from which defines who we are as a person. I feel like those who come from immigrant families to be specific can relate to this because immigrant aren’t able to transform especially for those who come from immigrants families because many immigrant aren’t able to completely transform themselves to the way Americans live without leaving somethings behind them.


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