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Is The First Impression Of A Person Always Right?

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Is The First Impression Of A Person Always Right? essay
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No one should be judged for how they look or act, it can bring one’s self-esteem down, causing them to be unhappy and not themselves when around other people. Judging how a person looks can affect how they think of their appearance, personality and how they act because of their looks, sometimes meaning they could change how they look to please others. Judging someone without knowing their past or background can sometimes be considered bullying, the person you are judging could be really nice and helpful, judging them can change how they act towards others.

My first point is. Everyone has a right to do what they want with their appearance and feature’s, for them is seems normal, but for others it may seem a bit odd because they may not have grown up knowing that looking different from others is normal. But it doesn’t give the right for us to judge or give the person funny or mean looks, it can be very intimidating and rude. We should learn to accept a person for how they are or how they want to be, it isn’t fair to judge a person without even knowing them, it can hurt their feelings and make them not want to be themselves, which can lead to unhappiness and even depression. It can cause this person to be distant and unhappy from family or friends.

Second, according to studies over 180,000 students are bullied/judged from the grade 5-12, while 1 in 4 students confront to others that they are harassed for how they look, act or just being themselves in general. Judging can also be considered bullying and no one wants to tolerate it, we all have our opinions and statements to make, but if it isn’t nice don’t say it at all, saying rude comments to others can cause arguments and sometimes lead into serious fights, which is what nobody wants. This shows how many people are effected by harassment, most of the people that are judged or bullied are children and young teenagers. Accepting people isn’t hard people just need to push past their boundaries and learn to live with how others want to dress, act, talk etc.

My third statement is. Unfortunately one’s looks, expressions and features is the first think that others see, and the first thing that people are judged on. The person could be in a bad mood, angry or shy, stressed or nervous. For instance, if somebody had an argument with a friend or family member before an encounter with another person, the person might not be in his or hers best mood, or at least not themselves As a result of this, it will be very unfair to judge the person based on first impressions. It doesn’t matter what skin tone, hair colour, sports you play, hobbies you like. We all have our differences and we need to learn to accept people for showing their true colours and being themselves because it isn’t fair if we can’t accept them for becoming or being who they truly are, everyone deserves a happy ending in life and being accepted for who you are is a start.


As you can see from what has been stated it is ok to be yourself, there are people out there who will accept you for being who you really are, it doesn’t have to be everyone but the people closest to you should accept you and make you happy.

Is The First Impression Of A Person Always Right? essay

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