Is That Money That Bring You Happiness

Updated October 19, 2020

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Is That Money That Bring You Happiness essay

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You are surrounded by happiness all the time. It only depends on how you choose to bring happiness in your life. You can base happiness on major events of your life like a great new job, buying your favorite car, a perfect house or a trip to your favorite place. But after achieving it all a time comes when your happiness starts fading and you return back to your square. This happens because you are in a race of getting more and better and this journey never ends and one can never gets satisfied with the life.

As you grow older you realize that the ultimate happiness doesn’t have to be huge. To be genuinely happy you need to do things that actually make you happy. You should be grateful for little joys that bring colors to your life. You could be happy only when you start to live for laughing so hard that your stomach aches, for a long healthy conversation with some stranger, a good cup of coffee, joy hidden in a good food, a compliment or warmth of a winter sun.

You will feel genuinely happy when you surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, who make you realize that the world is not a cold harsh place. You’ll be happy when you kick negativity out of your life and stay positive no matter what.

You have to realize that real happiness is not something big but small things that are already around you. Find joy in ordinary because it will make you realize the real meaning of life and what is meant by “BEING ALIVE”.

Is That Money That Bring You Happiness essay

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