Influence of Geography on an Individual 

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One of the significant influencers of a person’s success is the geographical location where the person comes from. Geography does a great deal in shaping what a person becomes. It has a high relevance on science and the societal setup and has a distinctive way of integrating set perspectives into individuals. Geographical aspects can be applied in teachings, research or practice but they majorly influence and individual behavior and way of thinking. In many occasions, we have encountered people saying that if they could have been born in some part of the world, they could have been different people from what they are.

Most countries rely most on religious beliefs, and therefore they are guided upon the religious beliefs and norms of the supernatural setup of that country. What mostly shapes people within a state is what they believe. It is pertinent to note that, the places where people are born and brought up in shape individuals differently than any other factor.

Therefore, with this regard, I can comfortably state that geography is the main factor in the manifestation of individual behavior and command. To start with, religious beliefs within a country have led to differences in individual beliefs and behaviors. We have seen that most countries that are Islam dominated have significant populations being Muslims and they have different views from the countries that are majorly dominated by Christian. Most Islamic countries have had wars since time immemorial and such wars have significantly influenced the behaviors of the citizens.

For instance, a Muslim country like Syria has experienced wars for the last number of decades, and this has dramatically changed the individuals in the country. Children education has been affected. Schools that were once operative have now been turned into war fields, and therefore the education system has dramatically been altered. The wars in Syria have rendered people homeless, and now most people are living as internally displaced people. The level and quality of education in such a country has significantly reduced. People, the youths who need to be in school learning are the warriors fighting in the Syrian war.

Significant difference arises in same individuals who have been brought up differently. For instance, some Syrians who had fled from the war and took refuge in different countries are different from those who remained back and are fighting. As the conflicts escalated, most people moved to other parts of Asia, and that was tranquil as compared to Syria. Such people are educated, and they behave and think differently from those who still live in Syria and are fighting. The influence of war, since it has been there for a long time has then shaped some people indifferent who otherwise would be different individuals if it wasn’t because of the war. Moreover, the religious teachings that such people receive as regards to war have greatly influenced their mindset towards the war they are fighting.

Most Syrians are struggling because they believe that the war is holy. It is very different from what the same Syrians who fled the country know. Such people cannot change their view towards the war since they have grown knowing that war is holy and they have to fight. There is a central tenet of geography that location matters. The understanding of a variety of phenomena within a place requires the integration of geography. Geography provides a cross-cutting way of looking at processes within an area that other disciplines can neglect as normalities. Geographers tend to focus on the real-world dependency and within the phenomena and the processes that give character to the location.

According to geographers, places are like laboratories, and they greatly influence the relationships between the complex processes between an individual and the phenomena. The modification by the physical and biological environment shapes the person and what he/she becomes. The biological and the physical environment is what shapes life and the ways of living of people within a place. Additionally, the work examining interrelationships among the differences in biophysical processes and the way work is synthesized economically, politically and socially as well as culturally forms the human-societal dynamic which as well influences the outcome of an individual. Geography may not be predetermination, but instead it comes close. In manners extensive and little, our environment shapes our lives. Our efficiency, satisfaction, and inventiveness are for the most part elements of place. Where people live influences their identity and what they become.

The obstinate diligence of geography is, I think, something to celebrate. It implies the world stays various, and as any scholar will let you know, biological communities flourish when there is a decent variety. Anyway, honestly, put issues, however, what precisely do I mean by place? At an essential dimension, I am talking about geology, the lay of the land. For instance, Antiquated Greece grew several particular societies and city-states to a great extent because the bumpy, rough landscape made natural obstructions that supported such a blend of cultures. Then, the reasonable and sharp Athenian light motivated logician and craftsman alike in the best of city-states. Nevertheless, what genuinely makes a place, however, isn’t geography but culture. Culture is the ocean we swim in.

So unavoidable, so all-devouring, that we neglect to see its reality until we venture out of it. It makes a difference more than we might suspect, a reason why there are varying differences in same individuals who have been brought up in different parts of the world. If I could have been in Syria today, I will be a different person entirely. I maybe could not be thinking about school but instead war. I could not even be thinking about anything else, but as a youth like me, I would be encouraging my fellows to join me in the holy war and fighting with others. Geography gives a sense of satisfaction. A person gets to accept and incorporated into the culture of the place that we are living. People cannot be living in some area but acting like they are living in different regions. With our words, we subliminally conflate geography and satisfaction.

We talk about ‘hunting down satisfaction,’ or ‘discovering happiness,’ as though these were areas in a chart book, genuine spots that we could visit if just we had the best possible guide and the privilege navigational abilities. Indeed, even a casual look at the United Nations’ World Happiness Report is uncovering. Four out of five of the most joyful countries are Nordic. It isn’t their atmosphere nor their geography that clarifies this at the same time, rather, their societies, amazingly powerful ones that every one of the gigabytes on the planet can’t delete. Conclusively, there is more than people can think of that is gained from society than anything else.

From the different parts of the world and the geography, we can see how we have been shaped to be what we are. Geography entails climate and climatic conditions too. The climate in some parts of the world has made people physically to be what they are. For instance, due to climatic conditions, we have dark-skinned people and the whites. All these have been shaped through geography. Therefore, we can exclusively state that geography is a force that has developed our identities and we have no power over it.

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