Importance of Taking Risks

Updated April 26, 2022

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Importance of Taking Risks essay

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Taking risks is a thing we all have to do in life. Taking risks and sometimes making mistakes is better than never taking risks because it causes changes for the good more than for the worse, it causes people to learn more about themselves, and creates more interest in a mundane life. Risks often cause a noticeable change, it may not always be a good one, but the chances of it being a positive change are far greater than for a negative one. Many people may not realize if they like a certain career path, people in their friend group, or other activities, unless they experience different things other than what they are used to. Risks make a boring life more interesting by causing people to go outside their comfort zone.

Many people who are CEOs had to take risks that a lot of regular people would think are crazy, consequently they made an impact on their jobs and social statuses. Young adults and teenagers almost always have to choose a career path to early in life, resulting in a career that they do not have an interest in. Risks that cause a substantial change force a person to think outside the box and challenge their normal habits and routines. Changes in lifestyle, relationships, and other parts of personal life could be drastically different if that person decides to take risks or not. If people did not quit their jobs to pursue their passions, we would not have many of the useful inventions that we use everyday. Enthralling lifestyles are often full of changes and risks because that type of people cannot settle for a regular, boring life. Moving to a completely different place may not be beneficial to a certain person, but they would have never known if it would have been a good decision or not if they did not take that risk. Hobbies, such as writing, rock climbing, or mountain biking, have to be tried before people know if they like it or not, even if they are dangerous, their participants have to risk safety and try them.

Taking risks, making important decisions, and other serious choices all take responsibility and maturity to make sure people can reach a conclusion for significant situations. If a risk causes a negative change, it still taught a valuable lesson that would not have been learnt if that failure had never occured. Some people may have had to meet one of their closest friends, that at the time, were strangers, consequently if they had never tried to introduce themselves to that person, they would have never had that friend. Most risk takers are also better at making split-second decisions because they are more spontaneous than normal, everyday people. Gaining from risks, learning about themselves, and causing changes are why many people decide to take risks.

Importance of Taking Risks essay

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