Importance of Self Acceptance

Updated December 29, 2021

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Importance of Self Acceptance essay

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There was a popular Vine from 2015, where a man with dreadlocks was holding a dilapidated sign with the word “love” written on it in large, red letters in one hand, and waving a rubber chicken with the other, proclaiming “Love yourself, accept yourself”-Vine. This is a funny Vine and, yes, it is a cliche. However, personally, it is a belief that my parents have mentioned too many times to count, one that I disregarded when I was younger, and which led me to a place of trying to become someone I was not. This led to my feeling very unhappy. In a recent study, Science Daily stated, “Self-acceptance could be the key to a happier life, yet it’s the happy habit many people practice the least,”

In middle school, I noticed a strong feeling of insecurity about being accepted within my friend group. My clothing never felt “cool” enough, my grades were never high enough and I struggled with self-acceptance. This resulted in feeling lonely, although I was surrounded by my peers.

Coming to a new school district for my freshman year, leaving the people I had gone to school with for seven years and leaving everything that was familiar, was a struggle for me. However, as the year progressed I began to slowly realize that this was a great opportunity for me to create my own sense of self. I started wearing what I liked versus what was popular, I acted the way I wanted to act versus how I thought would be acceptable to other people. I began to feel more comfortable with who I was. Leaving all that was normal, yet unhealthy turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This was a big turning point in my life. My own opinions mattered to me more than they had in the past several years.

This year I have felt more like myself than I have in a while, and some of the credit goes to those who accept me for who I am, which further helps me to accept myself. Self-acceptance gives me a new found confidence. I have felt freer as opposed to being chained to the opinions of others. As a result, I have a more positive outlook on life. Comparing myself to others is exhausting.

By being self-accepting, it is creating a more diverse community of individuals. People have the freedom to be themselves, instead of being someone they are not. If we can accept ourselves in the good, the bad, and the ugly, then maybe we can accept others not just for their good qualities, but also for their flaws. Then maybe the world wouldn’t be such a judgemental place.

As a fifteen year old and not being alive for very long, I am beginning to understand that self-acceptance is a journey because with new experiences, comes the opportunity to choose self-acceptance over and over again.

Importance of Self Acceptance essay

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