Importance of Nonverbal Communication

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While most of us are so obsessed with words, usually thinking about what we’ll say next, we do pay little attention to our respective body language. Strange since 55% of communication is transmitted through body language, and only 7% involves words.

Take a moment to consider. 7% Words are communications. 55% of the body language. It’s a stunning fact, a fact that makes one thing clear: if you want to make the most of your communication skills— social, professional or elsewhere— you need to use body language.

So how can you start to take advantage of that whopping 55% of communication that comes from body language today? There are many ways. Let’s look at some of the most popular and important.

Conflict Resolution

Maybe you’re one of the unfortunate people who often seem to get into arguments without much clue why. Apparently, some people create conflict from thin air. A certain guy who remains unnamed but serves as a perfect example always gets into arguments. He speaks politically. He never says a word wrong, yet he keeps arguing.


Because he possess a nervous body language. He folds over his chest. He’s rarely smiling. He’ll tap an object or a table while speaking. His words remain polite, but only his body language. His body language passes from aggressive to perpetually impatient.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones that gets into arguments seemingly from nowhere, kindly check yourself for the following negative gestures:

  • Do not fold your arms over your chest
  • Tap objects
  • Do not fidget with your hair or face
  • Smile and occasionally nod to let your company know you’re happy and pleasant.
  • That’s probably the conflict’s cause.

Here, a few easy corrective steps will see those arguments transformed into happy discussion.

Romance is probably the number one reason people learn about body language. It’s a smart step. That 55% of communication counts in romance as in everyday discussion. Using positive and strong non-verbal’s can do amazing job of presenting yourself as an attractive and, most importantly, accessible person. Here are suggestions for using nonverbal communication to attract individuals.

Don’t smile too often, but when you meet someone new, show them a genuine smile showing you’re really happy to meet them. Make this habit. That way, when you meet someone you like, you’re sure to give a good first impression, saying, ‘Oh, wow, I like you. I’m very happy we met.’ Saying in words, this phrase means little, but when you say it through your body, it’s a powerful communicator, one that gets a relationship off to a great start.

Stand with your legs hip apart: Some alleged specialists will advise men to stand far apart with their legs, showing dominance that attracts women. The problem is that guys overdo it. They turn a simple pose into a comically exaggerated crown jewel spectacle. Just stand comfortably apart with your legs, showing confidence and strength.

Long Gazes

Nervous guys and girls will see someone they’re attracted to shyly look away. Big error. This gives the impression that a) you’re weak and b) you don’t like the person you’ve looked at (because logic would dictate, if you enjoyed looking at them, you’d keep doing so). Again, basic steps; little corrective movements like this make the difference.

Look at another area where nonverbal communication is important.


Some suggestions to help you show friendliness through nonverbal communication while still looking dominant and powerful.

  • Smile enough to let people know you’re happy, but don’t overdo it. If you’re used to fiddling with objects or fidgeting with yourself, it makes your company think you’re fed up with them.
  • Do not cover your throat, chest, stomach or private with any barriers when standing (a barrier may include your arms, a purse, an item you’re carrying, or anything else that gets in the way).
  • Point the other person’s feet and belly button. This demonstrates excellent interest in them. It will come across as a compliment and receive greatly.

These are but a range of many ways nonverbal communication can affect your life.

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