Implications of Disease Prone Personality and Self-healing Personality

Updated May 17, 2021

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Implications of Disease Prone Personality and Self-healing Personality essay

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Due to the risk factor provided before, it can be concluded that disease prone personality and self-healing personality had implications not only to their health but also their life and well being. This type of personality can affect someone’s life because it is depend on their behavior in which what they do during the situation and how their environment influence them to engage in that behavior. Notably, it is important to identify the implications of either being a person with disease prone personality or self-healing personality to make an improvement to our health.

Physical Health

Disease prone personality can affect their physical health in their physician-diagnosed disease, disability, inability to complete daily activities of living, and failure to thrive. Most consistently, Neuroticism has been related to poorer physical health outcomes because higher levels of Neuroticism were associated with greater physician-rated illness. This had been proven in a twin study with young adults, participants high in Neuroticism at baseline were more likely to report 13 different physical health conditions 25 years later, including chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcers, and coronary heart disease. In addition, this personality was related to the increased rates, ranging from stroke to sciatica. However, Physical health for self-healing personality refers to their physiological function, organic disease, and energy for completing daily tasks.

People who are well-adjusted are at lower risk for serious illness due to their mental health contributing to their physical health. As an example, conscientiousness individuals may experience fewer stressful event because they have high self-discipline and able to cope with their stress much better. Thus, conscientious person may have better self-regulate and maintain homeostasis to improve their physical health by not getting a serious disease.


Furthermore, personality that prone to disease also can affect our length of life or longevity because people with certain personalities take greater risk with their personalities and die sooner. As an example for Type A personality that were said to be hasty, impatient, impulsive, hyper alert, potentially hostile, and very tense are more likely to suffer from heart disease to fulfill the higher achievement. Type A behavior pattern virtually guarantees that these people will encounter many stressful situations, such as time pressures of their own making and barriers that anger them. Other than that, pessimistic person also were more likely to encounter premature mortality and died of accidents or violence because they tend to over-generalize the extent and meaning of bad events. Besides that, cheerful personality also can die somewhat sooner when they have grown up. The reason is the cheerful person tends to be healthier only in a short term when they are in a good mood.

However, good moods are not a strong indicator for a good health due to the extent that the cheerful person trying to cover up their some difficult emotional and health challenge. That is, sometimes they attempt to deal with their stress or childhood memory by doing a humor. Cheerful person, like extroverted people also can involve themselves in unhealthy habits such as smoking, drink alcohol and take risk due to their social environment as they grew up. On the contrary, the self-healing personality also promotes longevity in which they tend to live healthier and live longer than others with disease prone personality. The strongest evidence of their longevity was when they have a lower mortality risked by examining the conscientious personality.

Social Competence and Production

Personality also can have an impact towards their Social competence and productive function. Social competence refers to being able to develop and maintain positive social relationships with others in which it is very important in the thriving of life, while, productivity allows society to function smoothly by engaging in paid work or social engagement to have a better life quality. However, disease-prone personality such as hostile individuals is prone to have poor social relationship due to the element of neuroticism and agreeableness in hostile person. Instead of building a supportive social network, hostile individuals drive the others away, which leaves them with few resources in times of need.

Nevertheless, self-healing personality also can have an impact in their social competence and productive function through trust and devotion towards the society such as optimism people. This is because optimism is more likely to use engagement coping strategies to have a positive social relationship which can develop resources to buffer their stressful experiences. Other than that the individuals with a combination of self-discipline behavior and friendly countenance may build good relationship, and gain health benefits, by comparison with an individual who is drive others away through hostility and selfish pursuit.

Implications of Disease Prone Personality and Self-healing Personality essay

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