Implementing Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Updated May 17, 2021

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Implementing Exercise Into A Busy Schedule essay

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It can be hard to try and implement exercise with life already being busy. We all usually have a family. Whether you are a sibling, cousin, parent of children or are the actual child with no children yourself. For me, I have a significant other as well as 3 children, ages 16, 13, and 9. Since they are older they are not as dependent on me as a baby or toddler would be. Looking at a time management factor for family is difficult because as a family we want to spend time together. When I reevaluate time management into this part of life I have come up with making a schedule so that twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) having my kids make a simple dinner and clean up the kitchen. This not only would shave off a little bit of time for me to set aside to help with my implementation of exercise but help my kids learn as well.

In addition, most of us have a full/part time job and/or school. This is something that is pretty hard to change in a time management perspective unless you have a flexible (make your own schedule) job. What I have done since starting school is trying to do a little bit of reading or homework on my lunch break while at work. I have found by doing this it gives me a little more time in the evening to get other things done if needed as well as free up some time to implement exercise.

Once I have the free time to exercise, what would motivate me to actually exercise instead of relaxing and watching TV? For me, when I have been able to exercise in the past I have found not only the way it helps my body stay healthy, along with eating right of course, but it also helps my mind and overall well-being. Exercising releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling. The positive feeling is very motivating to me. I also enjoy music while exercising, specifically while walking/running which depending on the song(s) can be very motivating.

With all this put together the way I would use classic conditioning to help implement exercise into my busy schedule would be by the following. I would create a plan and a schedule for each week. I would make Tuesdays and Thursdays the exercise days. Those two days a week would be the days my kids would make a dinner and cleanup. Those two days a week would be the days I would make sure to do homework during my lunch break at work. These few things are what I have found to help give me a little extra time, at least 30 minutes to an hour which is a good amount of time for exercise. Also, one of the most important things using classical conditioning to help implement exercise would be that I would create an exercise song playlist on my phone of my favorite upbeat/motivating music. I would only listen to that specific music playlist while exercising each time.

In conclusion, by creating a plan and schedule, finding ways to manage time wisely, and using tools for motivation, implementing exercise into an already busy schedule is possible. By doing this continually every week it would not only give me something to look forward to and eventually become a habit, it will also condition me to want to exercise more and reap the physical and mental benefits that exercise gives.

Implementing Exercise Into A Busy Schedule essay

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