How to Survive through a War

Updated May 15, 2021

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How to Survive through a War essay

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Have you ever wondered about how people live through a war? If a war is heading near, then this is the right text to read. This text includes important information like how to fortify homes, how to make an escape plan, and how to prepare a survival kit. Imagine being in the middle of gun fire from an enemy, no protection except a house, a bullet deflects off a street sign and hits you. Blood is starting to drip out and no medical supplies are nearly, a thought occurs I’m going to. If the right medical supplies no one would have died, don’t want that to happen? Keep reading.

At this point in the essay it will talk about how to fortify a home. https://survivallife.com/ says “At initial attacks without warning, it is best to stay indoors and fortify it with window and metal shutters”. This proves that if defenses are put up, a safe shelter will be produced. Try fortifying a home so that it will protect people inside. https://www.workingmother.com/ states “Your front doors lock can either make or break your properties security”. This is significant because it says that the front door lock is very important.

Upgrade the door lock fast before something happens. Have the door lock installed by a professional to ensure that the lock will work. “Security doors come in various designs, shapes, and strength” proclains https://www.workingmother.com/. This means that it would be highly recommended a strong security door to be able to protect personal belongings. Like locks, it is better to have it installed by a professional. In the following paragraph it will describe about how to make an exit plan.

Additionally, if an intruder ever came, make an exit plan for if it happens again. https://survivallife.com/ states “Map out multiple exit points from your home or office.”. This is explaining that it would be preferable if you have different exit routes for multiple cases of escape. For example, if a shooter attacks, try to have different/many escape plans. https://getjerry.com/ says “Determine the safest exit routes. Ideally, identify two exit plans per room with a preference for the safest means of escape”.

This demonstrates that when there are different escape routes, determine which route is the safest. If able try to perform the safest route possible always. https://getjerry.com/ also states that “Write down or draw your exit plan. For those who need help expressing their ideas in writing or drawing, try a template.”. This suggests that if the plans are written it will be easier to perform and look at for memory. In the next paragraph it will talk about how to prepare a survival kit.

Also, in the event of a medical emergency have a survival kit and be knowledgeable about how to prepare it. https://survivallife.com/ proclaims “In the event of a nuclear war, the contents of survival kit must fit the impending danger”. This highlights the fact that the survival pack/kit must have the medical supplies to cure someone from the incoming danger. https://www.ready.gov/ tells us that “Water- one gallon of water per day per person for at least three days”. This shows that in order to survive if lost with no nearby water supply.

Have enough water to support the number of people stranded or lost to survive a while. “Battery powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA weather radio with tone alert” states https://www.ready.gov/. This reveals that when someone is stranded they must have a way to contact people for help. Keep a working radio in the survival pack as well, in case someone picks up the signal.

In conclusion, this text has talked about three ways to survive a war. This essay stated how to make an escape plan, how to fortify a house, and the right way to prepare a survival kit. Wars caused countless numbers of deaths and can ruin someone’s life. Don’t let that happen to anyone, when packing a kit prepare for the worst. So that if the worst does happen, everyone can survive it!


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How to Survive through a War essay

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