How to Achieve Success

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Success! Whenever we hear this word, a smile comes on our face but most of us are usually not aware about the ways to achieve success. But before going through these ways, it is imperative to know the real meaning of success as there is a misconception of most people to relate success with riches, fame and power. It is true but to an extent. Success is not only the achievement of riches, fame or power but also the achievement of our very goals whether they are short term or long term. These goals vary person to person with time, for instance, the goal of a student is to get good marks in exam but s/he may want to achieve something different in future. So, it depends.

Now, some of the ways necessary to achieve success:

Clarity of Goal

The first and foremost thing in the journey of success is the clarity of our goal. It is very important to be aware of our goal. If it is not clear to us, then we would not be able to get desired results. Here the problem arises for some people as they are aimless. So, to figure out our passion/goal, all we need is to explore different career options such as acting, singing, civil services, content writing, coding, management, graphic designing etc and then decide accordingly based on our interests and strengths. One should not copy others because the thing which has proved to be successful to someone may not be successful to everybody. So, it is very important to listen to our conscience because if we choose a career, which we are not passionate about, shall not take us that ahead. Dale Carnegie also said “You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.”

The Burning Desire

As Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said “Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.”, it is very important to have a strong desire to achieve our very goal despite of any obstacle and it can only be possible if the thing we want interests us and we are passionate about it as explained in the first point. For instance, American author Helen Keller achieved success only because of her burning desire despite of her disabilities and she proved this very well.


The famous phrase ‘Never give up’ by Winston Churchill plays a major role in the journey of success. One should be consistent to ones goal. Focus is the main part of consistency. One really needs to be focused for being consistent. But most people usually give up because of their temporary failures and criticism. Always remember that these temporary failures and criticism are success in disguise because they help us to improve ourselves and in turn, pave the way to success, provided they are treated positively. For instance, when one starts a YouTube channel, one initially does not get that much subscribers and views. But when one is consistent with ones channel, then the channel automatically progresses with time, provided the content being uploaded is liked by the audience. However, even if the content is good but there is no consistency due to any reason, then the reverse happens which nobody desires.

Smart Work

Gone are the days when hard work was considered important for success. Smart work has stepped into the shoes of hard work for success these days. Now hard work is limited to the purview of smart work. It means hard work with smartness is important. Smart work is basically doing a work in less amount of time with more efficiency through a suitable means. For instance, if we have to type a letter to someone, we can also type using speech-to-text feature without doing any spelling mistake and that too in less amount of time.

Prioritization of work also comes under the purview of smart work. We must prioritize our work because it helps us to focus more on the major tasks without wasting time on the minor ones. For instance, if we are preparing for an exam, then we must focus on chapters which have more weightage than the ones with lower weightage instead of preparing every chapter with equal amount of focus.

Planning is also an important aspect of smart work. When one plans ones work, it really helps in managing ones work. Our time is easily managed and we are able to achieve our goals more easily. Writing down our plans is the most effective method of planning because it helps us to recognize what is important and what is not in a better way. For instance, planning before an event helps to conduct it without any problem.

Compound Effect

Darren Hardy in his book ‘The Compound Effect’ has explained about it very well. Compound Effect means taking small steps at a time which can lead to a huge success. It is very helpful though it is a time taking process. For instance, budding entrepreneurs can start from scratch by taking small steps at a time and can take start ups to a huge success.

There is a Japanese philosophy named Kaizen principle which is similar to compound effect but it is more about improvement means improving oneself while taking small steps at a time. Toyota company has used this principle very well. There is also a book on it which is ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way to Success’ by Dr. Robert Maurer.


Self-motivation plays a very important role in maintaining ourselves in a positive attitude towards any kind of negativity such as people’s criticism. It also increases our self confidence. One should always say motivating phrases to oneself such as ‘I Can and I Will’, ‘Everything will be Fine’ etc. One can say this before and after sleeping. One can also paste motivating quotes written on paper in ones room. There are many ways to do this. One can motivate oneself as per ones convenience. One can also get motivated through environment. For instance, mountains motivate us to grow up.


Learning is a continuous and life long process. Knowledge is the part of life which never ends. One should take knowledge as much as one can. Here books become our best friends. It is not like becoming a book worm or an introvert but the hunger for knowledge is a must during the learning process.

We should acquaint ourselves with right people. We can also learn a lot from them. For instance, if we want to make our career in coding, we should acquaint ourselves with people who love coding or are good at it. We would not only learn from them but also increase our competency.

These are some ways which can really help to achieve success. It is all about our dedication towards our very goal. So keep hustling! All the very best!!

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