Updated May 6, 2022

How Stray Dog took Revenge From a Man with his Fellow Dogs

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How Stray Dog took Revenge From a Man with his Fellow Dogs essay
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Although we have progressed a lot in various walks of life still we could not learn basic humanity. People still find it amusing to hurt or abuse animals. We observe countless example on social media as well as how brutally some of us treat animals despite they never cause harm to us. Some people do not find it disgraceful to torture or frightened innocent animals. It seems as some of us satisfy our ego by showing our power by hurting animals.

Sometimes the evildoers remain without punishment but when these people face their deeds in the form of Karma is satisfying enough. Because when a weak one could not do anything for himself then God intervenes and let them payback for their deeds.

Recently a video shared on social media by a man from China. It is clear in the video that a man was finding a proper place to park for his car. He saw an empty space to park his car but a stray dog was sitting there. The man should have moved the dog from there without torturing him. But he came out of his car and kicked the dog to clear the space.

After a few minutes, the very dog came back along with a pack of his fellow dogs. And they started to aggressively scratch the man’s car with their sharp teeth and claws. And a neighbor, Chongqing captured this scene in a video. At first, he could not understand the intent of dogs but later he came to know that the owner of the car kicked the dog. And this harsh reaction was an answer to his cruelty. The man showed his arrogance to the dog by kicking him for no reason and tortured the animal.

The man instigated the anger in the dog so he came with his fellows and chewed on the car frame, windscreen, and wipers of the car. These dogs ruined the car as much as they could possibly do with their teeth and Chongqing made the video and shared it on the internet.

This story gives us a lesson that we should avoid harm the animals as you never know how they will react in return. Be good and have good.

How Stray Dog took Revenge From a Man with his Fellow Dogs essay

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