Updated October 13, 2020

How Our Relationship With Others Help Define Who We Are?

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How Our Relationship With Others Help Define Who We Are? essay
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First of all, we can be how other people say we are, but the thing is how they define us. If they are very important people, the experiences and our relationship will have a influence in who we are. They could define us in very different ways. This essay will focus on how relationships mold or define who we are.

People sometimes say that our experiences define us, others simply say that the people around us define who we are. The people we choose to share our time, marry or associate, are a sample of what we think of ourselves, our values ​​and the place we occupy in the world.

These relationships are very important to us, because they differ from what we have with others, but also others define us. Most of the time we are with people we love, like our parents that they, since we were born, are there giving us a good education and training so that later we can respond to who we are.

Our relationships with our friends or partner can be diverse, some nourish us, comfort us and supply our deficiencies. Others have fun, inspire us, challenge us and make us grow. Others may harm us by sabotaging our growth or undermining our self-esteem. Of course, the latter, we would have to cut them for the sake.

However, in any relationship there may be an occasional threat that prevents ties from deepening and strengthening. Sometime the end of a relationship, whether ceased through mutual consent, heartache or deathm can enlighten us and strengthen our identity. it is the initial loss; the pain, the despair, the despondency that in turn can invigorate us and contribute to our maturity.

In conclusion people will always have influence, even if minimal, of who we are. As humans begins, one of our quintessential taits is our ability to be directly influenced by the people that surround us. From the instance we are born, we cannot help but be permitted by the thousands of social stimuli that surround us, from family, friends, lovers and even greater society as a whole.

How Our Relationship With Others Help Define Who We Are? essay

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