How My Life Changed

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It all started a little over a year ago, I was an only child in the standard family of three. Things were very lonely and I was far from the athletic type, so most of the time I would be found sitting I my room, watching video after pointless video. I was cyber schooled, leaving a lot of free time on my hands; a lot of free time, yet nothing to do with it. This all changed one fall afternoon.

It was October 11 2017, the day was cold, but this was normal for the middle of October in Pennsylvania, I was doing what I normally would around this time, watching videos and getting ready for Halloween, when the phone rang. It was Children In Youth telling us that there was a little newborn ready for fostering, thinking this was going to be another week placement such as the previous two, I reluctantly went along with no choice. I went into the car dreading the new placement, thinking of the previous one, a brother and sister around 5 or 6. Once we got to the CPS building, I was shocked to see a 2 week old baby to be put in our possession.

Many doctors visits later we learned that she had a condition called “hypothyroidism”, a condition that affects the thyroid, an organ that controls one’s metabolism, she was then put on a medicine that she might be on the rest of her life. I thought that might have been the end of what might be wrong with her, it turned out I was mistaken. Not so long after we learned that baby Valerie was hard of hearing, the audiologist said that she wasn’t completely deaf, but was close to it and that she needed to wear hearing aids; I got to choose the colors. Due to all of Valerie’s medical needs she has sent both me and my family all over the place, from Dunmore to Pittsburg, leading to some interesting days. I never got too behind in my studies, with working ahead, and the determination of one tired mother, we would work on school just far enough so if we had to get up early to drive somewhere an hour away, we wouldn’t get behind!

Valerie has been improving beyond belief in the year we have had her. Throughout the many doctors’ appointments that Valerie has had, we have been told that she has been improving, or that the results for something they feared had come back negative. We have also been told that from all the work we had done with Valerie, her hearing had improved from barely anything to near perfect with her hearing aids in! The amount of improvement that Valerie has gone though is astounding to me.

It has been a great year with this amazing little angel, even with all of her issues and defects. In the matter of a year I have gone from a lonely only child to a full blown big sister. I guess in the end, hoping a whole lot does work!

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