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How Construction Has Changed

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How Construction Has Changed essay
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Changes are necessary in society because as time goes on things are evolving so that means we need to as humans do to. One thing that has changed a lot over the course of history is Construction. For instance, the type of materials of that is used on buildings have changed. Safety standards have changed in the construction industry. It could be even little things like how their tools have changed that could make a big difference. One must think that years and years ago they did not have all the things that we have today. They would have to resort to pen and paper where sometimes you would not always be able to read it the best. The workers would have to look at the drawings and go off that. Now they can use technology to have them a better understanding of where to do things. Safety standards could have changed a lot during this past century alone.

There have been many fatalities in construction throughout history. Just, in the people working on the Golden Gate bridge 35 people have died. That may not seem like a lot but, you must think about how many construction projects are going in all at once. Especially back in the early 90 is where they did not have the best knowledge so especially as time moves on, they have more experience, so they are going to be more stable rules.

As time moves on you can expect there to be fewer casualties because everyone will be more aware of everything and people will wear their proper PPE. Another thing that changes a lot for construction is the technology side of things. Think of the blueprints they had to do just about 25 years ago. Where they had to do it by hand, so they did not have the best ratios that they can have. If you look at it now everything is done by computer now. Therefore, you can expect it to have better ratios and have better accuracy and have it looks cleaner. Therefore, when the labors get to it, they know exactly what they are doing. Something that they have been doing is starting to use drones. They use them by scouting out the site to see if that is what they would like to use. They can also see potential safety hazards while scouting to make sure everything is up to standards. Drones are also used even for security to make sure everything is ok and make sure everything is on schedule. Even little changes like having a cell phone can have big impacts like just imagining a long time ago where the only way people could communicate had to be in person where to now you can be anywhere and have a conversation as if it is nothing.

Now (“Welcome to the T.Y. Lin International Revit/BIM Website”) (“Building Information Modeling (BIM)” construction has gotten easier with all these technology advances where now it faster for them to build something. Something else in the technology side of things that has changed construction in a big way is BIM. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. BIM is something that describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings.

Construction has also been using AR to give a 3-D example of what the building will look like so that way you can see how it will come out and what all with it needs to be done to it or even have room for changes to make if you wanted to do that. Something else that has changed in the construction industry is just the skills you will need. You must think that back then you did not need that many skills to be a construction worker whereas today you have all these new machineries which can be a little complicated, so you are going to need a little more experience and be more familiar with everything. Again, if you think about it, they did not have as many things as we have today. As the older construction workers start to go out the business, and we get younger workers come in, and they start to get the experience they need.

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries. There are going to be many people coming into this business and are going to school now for it. Some people coming out of High school already have some experience under their belt. I personally feel like people now these days have come closer to closing the skill gap. In addition, I think that people years ago did not have as many as resources as we do now. If you look at today’s society, we have construction classes and now people are being encourage going to school for it. So as of now we have more of an idea of what it is.

You can also look at it even how the pipes are different. Some people get experience just for a certain type of thing, or a certain type of machine. Something else that changed is the qualifications that you will need to begin working. It is a little more complicated because it is so much more to need to know and understand. You must know all the safety regulations and have proper equipment to know what you are doing. We have different training methods for new workers coming into the industry scene. This another way that the construction has changed a lot in the last 100 years. Something else that has changed is just the tools by itself. Something that simple as tools probably will not affect many things at all at first glance but if you think about it, it must do a lot with it. You can even consider one of the drones that I talked about earlier and say that is a new tool that we use often.

You can say that even something like an iPhone and iPad can be a tool because the things that they help in a daily life at work on a construction site. These are tools that have has a huge impact on the construction scene. You can also say you can say the hammer has changed because if you take it back 100s of years ago then you will see that the hammer looked completely different from it used to. Now you see that there are all types of different hammers that you can choose from today. Again, you can see from the ones from back in the day used to be made from wood and used to be made by hand and now you can see that they are very different. Most of them now you can see that the handle has grips and other things like that to make it a more reliable tool. Something else that is still somewhat new is the jackhammer and the was invented in the early 1890s.

Can you even imagine about how people would do their jobs with these old hammers and even before jackhammers? Can you imagine how hard it must have been to break the concrete without all these tools we have today? We should be grateful for all the of the things that we have. It can even be something like one of those screwdrivers where it has a magnet strip at the tip, so you can put your nails there, so it could be better than losing all your screws. You have thought about all these innovative things that we are being introduced to it seems like on basis. Something else that has changed in construction is how something was built, and the period it took to build. For example, The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and took a little over two years. That is over 100 years ago and not only is it still standing, but it also did not take a lot of time.

Can you imagined if we were to build that in today’s world and how fast it would take with everything that we have. You also must think of the limited resources that they had and how their scaffolds were different from times like now. Something else that has changed are how houses were 100 years ago. Back then, they were much simpler whereas to now they can be a little more complex. Back then they did not really need much of anything just a room with a bed whereas to now again we have technology. Therefore, we have TV’S and things of that nature, so we consider those when moving into a house or even when building one. Even talking to a contractor about your ideas has changed. When you would go to a contractor, you would have to tell them what you wanted to be in your project. Then they would make it on blueprints and then if you wanted to change something last minute it would be a little harder because they would have to scarp it. Then after that try to free hand draws it again then see if it was what you would like. Where to now you do not see blueprints, you see it on tablets and such and can change things with a single tap. There is so much more to it than people think.

Demand is everything in a business world you can ask every successful businessperson, and they will tell you that supply, and demand is the very basics to everything. As of right now, demand is at an all-time high because people know it could be something that has little to no time nowadays. Something else that has changed is the demand for construction is really at an all-time high right now. If you were to go downtown right now the thing you will see the most was having construction done. Right now, people are getting their houses built and we are having all the big projects that are also going under construction. You can also tell because wages are also increasing. It just is not happening in Tennessee though it is also happening everywhere else, for instance over the summer break I had gone to\ Florida and everything was being rebuilt. From houses to stores to even malls. Something else that is big over there is construction on Hotel buildings and stuff like that.

Construction is now one of the fastest growing industries. We are having many people that are going into it every day. We are having labors starting to work more and having architectures and things of that nature. Many things go into the industry like Revit specialist and project managers. It is a good industry to go into after graduating college and high school. According to the genie belt (geniebelt.com) one of the most in high demand is high turbine technicians and predicts it will have an increase of 108% job openings. It is expected to have it like that by 2024 and the average turbine technician decide on 50 thousand a year… There is a list of things that are expanding like regular technicians or plumbers. Also, according to The Genie Belt (GenieBelt.com) England Needs 340,000 Houses every year until the year 22031. Just more evidence that demand is high as of right now and it probably will be for a lot of more years to come. Something to come is BIM. BIM stands for building information models and it is a 3-D virtual modeling building. It tries to take everything into accountability like what type of tools that you will need and how it will look like when it is finished.

BIM is super important in today’s world because it just makes things to easier for everyone. If you have a 3-D modeling of a building, then you can see how easy it would be for not only the architecture but also even also the clients. You can show your clients the modeling that you have, and you can see if they would like to have more improvements done to their project. It can also be used to give more of an accurate estimation of how much something can cost you. Like for example Revit is a BIM software that is used by many of people. It can get extremely detailed if it is done right. It is software that you do need practice in though. It can be difficult to get the hang of it at first. You can only expect how in the future how our computer hardware will be getting better. Therefore, that would mean that our programs should also be able to get better. If our computers get better than they can handle more excessive power that is going towards them. So that means that things like Revit can do more things and even as of now it is extremely detailed. So, imagine how people who were building the Ifile tower and how much of the struggles that they had to go through. Yet they still had that built incredibly fast compared to how high the tower is and you also must consider that it been built in 1889.

So, imagine 100+ years later whereas of now where we have all this new stuff and think how long it would take it to build in today’s time. According to (constructconnect.com)” The United Kingdom made some very brave steps toward that direction through the BIM Level 2 Mandate “This meaning that they are in progress of having improvements done to this, which can also make a big change in construction. Something else that is changing about construction is on how they are going more planet friendly Something you must think about is how much garbage there is out of building something small like a regular four room bedroom. Now you also must think about how much trash there must be if you build something like a five – star hotel. So, hearing that there are people out there that are trying to make a way for us to be more conservative of the trash is something great to hear. It is not something that it is everywhere yet and everyone is doing but we are still making a lot of progress. It can be in a trial and error phase as of right now. It does however come at a cost, which means that it is more expensive as of right now to do.

There can be many things to do in construction however, which many people are in fact already doing. For example, according to (blog.capterra.com)’ many of today’s homeowners are opting for things like solar water heaters for new construction homes” So that means that people are already starting to use that to help constriction go green. They can start to recycle the materials that they use and can start helping the earth little by little. You must think about how much trash we had to have had while making other things earlier back in the day. Therefore, now that we are doing it is good for us. It is a kind of, as we are making up for all the trash that we had made/left. As time continues, we should be able to note that we should be able to go greener while it still going for cheap for everyone. In addition, think about the different ways that we can go green now and then compare them to the ways you could do them back then where really the only option was to just recycle. We share this earth with everyone and everywhere in the world; there will always be construction, so it is right that we have a way to be greener for our sakes.

In conclusion Construction does in fact has changed and needs to keep changing as time goes on. We have seen many improvements in the construction industry like having the safety rules changed or how the technology has changed the industry. We have many things that are even still coming in like drones or AR. We even have things coming in like Revit and BIM. That is how construction has changed and will change.

How Construction Has Changed essay

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