Health History and Analysis Rodly Dallemand

Updated August 4, 2022

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Health History and Analysis Rodly Dallemand essay

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When I interviewed my Volunteer patient Mr. Briceus, I use many communication strategies to get the pertinent information required for getting the most information possible and to effectively build a rapport with my patient.

The first strategy of communication that I employed was to use a nonverbal strategy by shaking his hands and making eye contact and keeping a smile on my face during the initial encounter to give him a sense of comfort. I proceeded to use verbal communication using open and close-ended questions by introducing myself as being his nurse who will interview him for his health assessment history and asking him to identify himself using the two patient identifiers. I proceeded to use active listening when needing more focused information, or when he expressed personal matters or experiences. I use restatement when I needed clarification from the patient by repeating the same statement he made in a question form.

I also saw that I asked Mr. Briceus to reflect and elaborate when certain things were not clear and I remained silent during this time. I tried to help my patient feel comfortable by showing empathy and tried to connect with him during the health history interview. I kept my attention on my patient’s issue and showed concerns and curiosity.

Empathy often transmits to the patient, that I understand his viewpoint and respect about his feelings. I needed open communication and safe space so that I could collect accurate and relevant patient records. I allowed the patient to say what they think. I connected to some of the information and emotions that he shared when he opened and trusted me. The patient then felt a lot safer. I will acknowledge the patient by listening closely and reviewing the details I received to ensure I understood their concerns. I held open-ended questions and encouraged an inviting body language and made sure my voice was gentle and caring. Health History Mr. Briceus is an African American 19-year-old Male who weighs 220 lb and is 5’ 10” in height with a BMI of 31.56. He states he is not eating healthy regularly.

He eats more junk food than eating fruits and vegetables. Currently not exercising. Attending college with no significant medical or surgical history but reports feeling depressed at times. He is currently not on prescribed medication but takes vitamin supplements regularly and takes Ibuprofen for headaches. He says that he smokes marijuana occasionally and has tried alcohol. He is currently unemployed. Mr. Briceus has no significant family history but states his maternal grandfather has diabetes Type 2 and high blood pressure. Health Promotion One health promotion identified is Mr. Briceus is at risk for diabetes.

The National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney disease as per Kilroy et al., (2015) defined overweight and obesity As an individual whose weight is greater than that of normal height-adjusted weight is considered overweight or obese. The Pancreatic Beta-cell is the primary source of insulin conversion, production, and secretion and serves a crucial role in the glucose homeostasis regulation.

Beta-cell dysfunction seems to have underpinned almost all types of Mellitus diabetes. Obesity increases the circulatory level of NEFA in the blood and chronic NEFA exposure is extremely harmful to pancreatic beta cells which leads to insulin depletion, insulin secretion deficiencies, and beta-cell death. Diabetes is a recurrent medical health problem affecting millions of Americans and raising the risk of developing symptoms of the diseases, such as blindness, coronary disease, renal insufficiency, stroke, neuropathy, and amputation (Sharma & Ezekowitz, 2014).

The National Health and Nutrition Review Results of the survey indicate that over 1 in 3 people are deemed overweight in 2013–2014. In 3 adult people, more than 2 is regarded to be overweight or obese. There has been reported obesity with more than 1 in 3 people. Around 1, of 13 people, severe obesity was found. Around 1 in 6 minors and adolescent people aged 2 and 19 years of age are rated obese (Kilroy et al., 2015).

BMI is the most prominent method used in adults and children to measure and diagnose overweight and obesity. BMI is classified as kilograms of weight divided by meters in height. BMI is correlated with the amount of fat in the body for most people, which will raise the likelihood of many complications with the heart (Kilroy et al., 2015). The identification of the risk for diabetes is a priority because being diagnosed with diabetes, may cause comorbidity conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Life long comorbidity diseases will lead to a life long medication regime, effects on longevity and doctor’s visits which in turn will lead to increased medical insurance bills.


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Health History and Analysis Rodly Dallemand essay

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