Hate Crime Issue in Society

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Hate Crime Issue in Society essay
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Not only in the United States of America but also in the other regions of the world, hate crimes is an issue that critically required to be addressed by the authority. Basically, hate crime implies to a traditional offense taking for example of murder or vandalism attributed with an additional component of bias. Then again, FBI researchers define it as a criminal offense against an individual or property which is driven fully or partially by an offender’s predisposition against various aspects such as race, region, and gender among some other aspects.

Due to the seriousness of hate crimes as an issue in the United States of America, the FBI have it as its highest priority not only because to its overwhelming effect they present to the society but also because to the different groups that aim at propagandizing hate and intolerance can end up helping many forms of terrorism in the country.

As a result, the mandated authority aims at addressing the issue by coming up with procedures that can be embraced to solve the issue. For instance, to control the issue of hate crimes, FBI aims at ensuring that it investigates cases related to hate crimes every year where in addition, it works towards detecting and preventing further incidents through law enforcement training, public outreach as well as partnering with many of community groups. For the society to address hate crimes in the community, then, it requires to embrace a number of aspects which includes and are not limited to, supporting victims of hate crimes, speaking up their stories in order to expose the criminals and denounce hate, avoiding to attend any hate rally, staying engaged for the purpose of promoting acceptance and addressing the bias before another hate crime can take place. Our community must take the initiative because it is an issue that concerns all of us.

Hate Crime Issue in Society essay

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