Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Book Summary

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A bad wizard named Sirius Black escaped from the prison of Azkaban (a prison with the most dangerous wizards). That makes everybody at Hogwarts scared, because he is really dangerous. Sirius Black was supposed to be guarded by dementors, only they failed, but they still keep looking for him. This creatures are really dangerous, they can suck your happiness and soul out of you. It is said that Sirius Black is looking for Harry Potter. When Harry meets Sirius. He finds out that he actually is Harry’s godfather and he exactly is looking for Peter Pettigrew. The reason he is looking for him is that Peter betrayed the Potter family. Peter kept the secrets of the Potter family, but it turned out that he told the secrets to Voldemort. When the dementors want to kill Peter dr. Lupos changed in a werewolf, so Peter was able to escape. Sirius is going to be captured by the dementors, but then Hermione saved them all by reversing the time.

Main Characters

Harry Potter (Protagonist): The hero in this story, he is really smart and a real go-getter. For example: when he was training a really long time to learn the spell against the dementors. He dares a lot for example when he went into the dark whole (house of Sirius Black).

Hermione: The smartest in the class (maybe even of the school). She always thinks twice and she is not afraid. I would describe her as a curious person. She is also one of Harry’s best friends.

Ron: Is Harry’ best friend. He is loyal to Harry, but he can uncertain. He is alsways standing in the shadow of Harry.


I liked this book. I like every Harry Potter book that I’ve read so far, but I choose to wrote about this one. The reason for this that I thought I could write the most about this book. That was, because I think this book was really unpredictable, for example when Harry finds out Sirius Black didn’t killed his parents. I think this book makes you feel you are a part of the story, the moment when Harry does the spell “expecto patronum”. When it worked I was really happy for him. I think this book was more excited than the first two books, because in this part Harry learns more about the dark wizard world. When you begin It is almost impossible to stop, because it is so excited and unpredictable. Almost every new chapter starts attractive with an explanation of the chapter before. I would say this book is for children from 12 years or olders, because it can be quite scary with dark wizards and evil people. I would recommend this book to boys and girl, because it ables you to use your imagination. This book is really nice. I would give this book a 9.5!


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