Gratitude Journal

  • Updated February 18, 2022
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Writing a letter to someone expressing gratitude for something they’ve done for you, and if possible, delivering that letter in person and having a conversation about the letter.

The professors on the podcast answer this question by saying that simply knowing about headwinds and tailwinds is helpful because it can empower us to take a step back and think not only about what challenges us, but what boosts us as well. They also recommend trying some of those gratitude ideas mentioned above: keeping a journal, or writing letters.

There are a few things ways I try to incorporate gratitude into my life. One example is a workgroup I lead at work, I like to begin our meetings by going around the table saying what we are grateful for. Not only does it break the ice and allow us to better know our colleagues, but it also is an opportunity to have a moment of gratitude in what otherwise might be a busy and stressful work day.

If you start to run out of gas in doing that, ask yourself a slightly different question, which is, “What are my tailwinds?” Not, “What do I have to be grateful for?” But, “What are the ways in which I’m boosted along, the invisible things that make my life easier? Let me focus on those.” And different things might come up.

I think the concept of headwinds and tailwinds is a powerful one when it comes to happiness and satisfaction. So much so that I decided to write about it. And one that I will definitely be thinking more about in the days after listening to this podcast.

I’ve decided to at the very least maintain a gratitude journal that I will write in before bed. While it’s only been a couple of days, I do like the process of recording things that boost me, that make me happy and grateful, rather than falling into a more negative headspace.

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