Public Health Services as a Trends in Health Care

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This paper contributes a new way of looking at the health care system through individual interests and disinterests on the U.S. health care system, U.S. health care system challenges, and recommendations to solve these challenges. The part of U.S. health care explained and favored in this paper is the development of public health, and public health services. Public health is a major factor in how the overall health of the population is and how health care is contributed as well.

This is because public health focuses on education and prevention, and with prevention less health care facilities will need to be used, and less diseases will be present as well. Public health services target those who may not be able to afford clinical health services, or those who need education on health to prevent future disparities. The part of the U.S. health care system that is talked about as the least appealing to the author is the reimbursement process.

The reason that the reimbursement process in U.S. health care is least appealing is because the concept that is being used is not always fair for the patients, the services, or insurance companies. The reimbursement process can sometimes be abused by services towards patients by charging what is not necessary to make sure the services portion is fully covered.

The U.S. health care system faces many challenges in today’s times the main challenges being shifts in the workforce, rise in health care costs, technological advancements, and quality of care. In today’s time, physicians are switching from private practice to much larger places of care, and health care costs are rising putting a burden on the patients, their insurers, and the economy.

Although new technology is an advancement, and could help patients more, technological advancements are also a challenge in the U.S. health care system today as they create more costs and competition among providers. Quality of care is also a major challenge in health care because patients do not always get the quality of care needed or wanted by physicians. This paper discusses all of these topics in detail for a proper outlook on the U.S. health care system from a different perspective.

The area of the U.S. health care system that is most appealing in my opinion is public health along with public health services. This is because public health is an important part of U.S. healthcare overall and it can also affect the economy of the U.S. Public health can be defined as the science and art of protecting as well as improving the overall health of populations by using education, promotion of healthier lifestyles, and research regarding injury as well as disease prevention (Hall & Ogle, 2018).

Many people get public health confused with clinical health and think that they are the same thing. This is not true, public health focuses on disease and prevention while clinical health focuses on treatment of a disease that has already occurred (Hall & Ogle, 2018).

Public health has many different disciplines and the disciplines are widely ranged covering all aspects of health care dealing with education and prevention. Public health services can be defined as services that are usually provided by local health departments within a community for people in the community as a goal of educating and preventing future diseases within the public.

Examples of main public health services include well-baby care, sexually transmitted disease clinics, family planning services, screening and treatment for tuberculosis, and ambulatory and mental health (Shi & Singh, 2019). These services are targeted towards everyone within a community, but the main groups of people who benefit from these services are inner-city, poor, and uninsured populations (Shi & Singh, 2019). Although these people benefit from public health services the most, almost everyone has experience public health services before throughout their lifetime whether it was at school, work, a public place in the community, or even at home.

This is why public health services are so important because people may never learn how to properly live, and do things such as brush teeth, prevent fires, and resist drugs without these services. It also helps prevents diseases for people who do not have access to these services clinically through oral health clinics, sexually transmitted disease clinics, and so much more.


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