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Schools and Families against Childhood Obesity

Worldwide, childhood obesity has more than tripled since 1975, reaching epidemic levels and affecting about 155 million school-aged children in the United States alone (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention [CDC], 2018). In 2016, the CDC reported that 1 in 5 children have a problem with obesity (CDC, 2018). The World Health Organization (WHO) defines…

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An End to Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is on the rise among American children and has become one of the most prominent health issues of the twenty-first century. Studies published in the Los Angeles Times found that over fifty percent of today’s children are on the path of becoming obese by the time they reach thirty-five (Healy B2). Therefore, it…

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Obesity In America

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An investigation into the causes and effects of childhood obesity amongst primary school children

Abstract This investigation looks at how various factors such as activity levels and diet affect a child’s health status. For example, I expected to find that the less active and healthy a child is the more likely they are to be obese. I looked at how these factors could affect a child in later life…

Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity: A Public Health Issue Analysis

The history of the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States is complex as there are many causative factors that have contributed to this growing health crisis. Several of these factors have evolved over time leading to the growth in prevalence of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity was not considered a public health issue until recent…

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Public Health

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Childhood Obesity and Academic Performance

Abstract This paper will explore the relationship between the weight of students and the decline of academics in overweight student populations. This paper will look into the history of school nutrition, school health education, and school physical education and the changes that may have occurred over the last several decades. This paper will explore elements…

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Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity and Ways to Avoid It

Issues Childhood obesity in Ontario has become a problem of concern and is regarded as the most common prevalent nutritional disorder. This is critical because having obesity in childhood can be carried unto youth and adulthood leading to various biological and physiological complications. Other factors which are associated with childhood obesity which made it worse…

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Health Disparity: Childhood Obesity

The United States is home to many great advantages, but it is also home to multiple disadvantages and disparities. Billions of dollars each year are spent on one preventable aspect of healthcare, issues and disease that are the direct result of the obesity epidemic (Millan, 2012). Children are developing diseases once thought to only plague…

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Role of Parents in Preventing Childhood Obesity

“The greatest wealth is health.’ Health is the most precious thing that we must take care of. Meanwhile, a lot of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity is one result of it. We can consider that things are more serious and dangerous when it comes to children. Childhood obesity is a critical problem that parents…

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Issue of Childhood Obesity in the United States

Introduction The ever-growing obesity trends in the United States are often discussed across all media platform. It is particularly an even larger problem in children. Obese children become obese adults and the earlier in life a child becomes overweight, the more damage they are doing to their bodies and the more chronic problems will arise…

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Obesity In America

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The Urgency in Childhood Obesity

Over the past several years children’s health has been a major topic. In the article, “The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity” Jane E. Brody establishes the disease that are affected on adults but are consequences from childhood obesity. Brody’s purpose is to inform and persuade parents with obese children. In addition, it is also used…

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Does sugar play a huge role in excessive weight gain in children?

Is it safe for obese children to undergo surgery to help them lose weight?

Issue of Childhood Obesity in the United States

Causes of Child Obesity

Crisis of Child Obesity

Reasons of Childhood Obesity in America

Importance to Prevent Child Obesity

Causes of Child Obesity and Role of Parents in Prevention

Causes of Obesity among American Children

The Etiology of Childhood Obesity

Big Issue of Childhood Obesity

A Major Issue of Obesity in Children

Correlation between Poverty and Obesity

Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries – a Global Health Issue

Analysis of the Causes of Obesity

Research of the Worldwide Problem of Obesity

Health Sector Challenges: Obesity

Health Risk Of Overweight And Obesity

What are the major contributory factors to childhood obesity?

The increasing rate of childhood obesity and its effects

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 An analysis of Childhood Obesity in Mississipi: the fattest state in the US

Childhood Obesity in relation to Type II Diabetes

Childhood Obesity: can we blame the fast food companies?

Obesity: Related health risks

How can America cure obesity?

How can the government control obesity?

Childhood Obesity: main causes

Childhood Obesity: fast food is making American kids obese

Obese parents get obese children. Is it true?

What health problems lead to childhood obesity

How Obesity is Developing?

Surgical vs. Non-surgical treatments for child obesity

Obesity rates of major U.S. cities

Does hormonal imbalance lead to obesity?

“Obesity in Children” by Carrie Ruxton

What is the best diet for an obese child?

Obesity in children: is it getting better or worse?

Obesity and Weight Loss

What is the relationship between food, exercise, and weight?

DNA evidence obesity runs in the family


The problem of Childhood Obesity is becoming more relevant every year. Obesity and associated complications occur not only in adults, but also in children, and the number of cases is growing every year. According to the latest data, in the USA every fifth child is overweight. How to identify the problem in time, cope with it, and can childhood obesity be prevented?

Obesity causes

The main cause of childhood obesity, doctors say, is the excess intake of calories from food. Most are sure that chubby cheeks and constrictions on the arms and legs of a child are indicators of good health, and those extra pounds will eventually grow into growth. They are constantly trying to feed the kid: cookies, sweets, bread – all this complements the main meals.

Less common factors that increase the risk of obesity are:

  • lack of physical activity;
  • heredity;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • endocrine pathology (hypothyroidism, excess adrenal hormones);
  • improper daily routine, lack of sleep;
  • taking certain medications for a long time (hormones, antidepressants);
  • genetic abnormalities, etc.

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