Education and The Responsibility of Parent

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In the past, the education was not attached special importance to children. Parents had their way to raise their children without education. They taught children by their knowledge and experience. Apparently, children growing up would spend the most of their time with people whom they encounter every day and look up. Moreover, most of their children stayed home to help parents with the household and standard of life. Parents usually did not care about their children’ future to get a better life or get rid of illiteracy.

Also, some children, their future was decided by parents or followed parent’s career, and so on. Parental responsibility did not come with instructions or rule to raise their children. On the other hand, in this century, children are encouraged growing up and spending most of their time being taught by teachers who have an explicit curriculum to transmit. However, parents nowadays do not have enough time with their children because of their job. So, the impact of parental duties on the education of their children is the most important.

According to Surfwise movie, Dorian Paskowits, who graduated from the Stafford Medical School, and became a Medical Doctor, but he did not live with his dream career. He wanted to figure out who he was, and what he was going to do? He seemed to like to live freely, and he found that he loved surfing more than anything else. Otherwise, Doc, who had eight sons and one daughter, and he met his wife Juliette Paskowits in Israel and became a spouse. These eleven people live a nomadic life together in a used cramped camper.

The Paskowits children spent most of their lives with surfing, adventure around the places they came, and leaving behind the education, and experience of going to school. Doc had his thinking of what education is. In his opinion, education comes from determined, experience, and finding courage. Moreover, he believes that knowledge and experience are not the same things. Therefore, he wants his children to be wise before they are educated, it is more important because in the long run, education runs out. While the school has been giving us with knowledge, but it does not teach you how to engage with people and solve the problem in different situations. Thus, the best way to become educated and successful in life by self-experiencing, so that is the way Doc raised his children in an acceptable, responsible way.

In the film, Doc denied the education and knowledge was essential to live meaningful life because going to school was dangerous. He was a dictator in his thinking. And if you broke the rule, the punishment could be harsh. Also, he did not take any responsibility to get the full education on his children, “I did not want some teacher telling them, I did not want some minister telling them or a rabbi, I wanted to hug them and hold them” Doc said. That he thought he wants to be a good father to his children, but he never listened to his children what they really wanted. They wanted to go to school in their whole life, to get the decision on official education, to make their dream come true. Indeed, both Doc and Juliette failed to educate their children about neglecting them with primary basic education is essential today.

In an article “Navah Paskowits-Walther: The Jewish Mother of Surfing’s Family” was written by Renee Ghert-Zand. Navah is the only daughter in Paskowitz’s family- not only her but also her siblings never got any formal education. So, she wanted to take on the responsibility for her next generation, and she has taken responsibility, and the only one upbringing her children in the Jewish faith, with complete support and make sure that her children have an important Jewish education that she never had. She has planned to educate her children in Israel, she also said: “We are extremely lucky to have found a Jewish day school that promotes and fosters love of Israel as a basis of the curriculum and has many Israeli teachers and students”. Navah seemed like happy with all the things that she achieved. She has been played a fundamental role in her final peace with her past and fixing familiar relationships.

Parents should have afforded their children to give them the opportunity to succeed in the real world and allow the lifestyle what they choose. However, each parent has different ways to bring up their children, and I cannot compare to the specific method. In contrast to the education Doc’s children, parent nowadays always supports, gives them fulfill the responsibility education. For example, if children graduated university and get the degree; consequently, education gives them so much opportunity to get a better life.

It turns our dreams into reality, has a stable experience, happy life, a great job too many benefits of being an educated person. Otherwise, nowadays, the time has changed. Education is essential, we cannot live a life of Doc’s children without school, and the way Doc taught his children. Parents should play a role in the education of their children because it respects the values and qualities of each person.

To sum up, parents should encourage and support children for education because the investment for knowledge never disadvantages. Moreover, parents need to fulfill the responsibilities regarding their children between families and school. In this century, familial is the best influence on children to give them the best learning to experience and help them succeed with excellent academic performance. Educate our children and give them a bright future.


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What are the responsibilities of the parents?
The responsibilities of parents are to provide care and support for their children and to help them grow and develop into happy, healthy adults.
What is the role of parents in their children's education?
The role of parents in their children's education is to support and encourage their children's learning. Parents can do this by helping their children with homework, attending school events, and talking to their children about their day.
Why should parents be educated?
1. Parents should be educated so that they can be better role models for their children. 2. Parents should be educated so that they can better understand their children's needs and how to best meet those needs.
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