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Mayan Civilization

Imagine you are in the year 250 C.E. in the Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization is thriving with new achievements are being obtained consistently. You are on the lower spectrum of the social scale as a commoner. You have hard physical work, that takes place almost every day. Although the work is hard, you get…



Latin America

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What We Have to Lose: Significance of Civilization

Theodore Dalrymple, author of the article, “What We Have to Lose” revisits world-shaking catastrophes such as the Rwanda Genocide and the attack of the two towers at World Trade Center (Dalrymple, 2001). Based on the article, such events tend to make us feel empathy for those who encounter such misfortunes, but after much time, we…

Book Review,



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The Term Civilization Defined

In order to define the term civilization, one must first understand the qualities that elevate a society to that next higher level of development beyond village or town. The Mesopotamian culture of Sumer provides examples of these key characteristics: specialized workers, industries, organized religion, infrastructure, architecture, distinctions of status and rank, and communication between people…




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Key Concepts of American Civilization

Introduction The aim of this paper is to try and show different approaches to key concepts of American Civilization, and therefore, I am not going to analyze them using classical literature or cinematography. My analysis is going to be carried out by the use of popular music videos of the 21st century American artists. This…


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Definition and Criteria of Civilization Argumentative Essay

A civilization is a more advanced society required to meet certain standards. Right now the high school textbooks define those standards as having advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technology. Civilizations appear all throughout history but so do societies so it is important to know how to distinguish between the two….



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Is Atlantis an Ancient Civilization?

The story of Atlantis, a story almost everybody has heard about in the past. The story of an ancient civilization that was very well developed, and had an abundance of wealth, and power. But one day, some says from their own greed formed by too much wealth and power, some say from an massive natural…




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The civilizations of ancient Greece

Ancient Greece made a lot of contributions to math and science. In todays world we relate to that, for almost everyday we use math and science in our everyday lives. The civilizations of ancient Greece was influenced by many spheres: like, science, art, language, politics, and educational systems. The Ancient Athens would only allow a…

Ancient Greece,



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Western Civilization

In this essay, the primary discussion will be on understanding civilization. Different people understand civilization in different ways, this, in turn, translates to the way their ways of lifestyles. The primary source of the essay is on the ‘the idea of self-sufficiency’ by Epicurus. The book discusses how people can be self-sufficient by developing peace…



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Comparison of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Chinese Civilizations

The Hittites were able to thrive due to their technology while the Bantu peoples were negatively impacted by their technology. Geography had a positive impact on the ancient Egyptians but hurt the ancient Chinese civilization. Iron smelting technology helped the Hittites grow and thrive because it provided them with a major military advantage against other…

Ancient Egypt,



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Civilization and Barbarism as a Tool in Society

At this time of day, civilization should be considered the most advanced stage of our human social and cultural life. Whereas in the other spectrum we have barbarism, where this is the absence of civilization, it gives us the total lack of advancement in social and cultural life. That said, it can also be extreme…



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