Children are an Inspiration

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“Children are an inspiration; each hold promises for our future. They supply us with endless rays of energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and hope to keep us going.”

There is no doubt in my mind that I was destined to teach. Since I was little, I would dream of being a teacher from getting the left-over work sheets and “playing” school at home with my friends to in high school doing all the teaching clubs and classes that would promote my dreams. I’ve done everything in my power to grow in knowledge and gain experience that would make me reach my dream of being a teacher and impacting our world.

I believe all students are capable of learning, as a teacher it’s my job they are taught the proper way in order to help each individual student succeed. Every student learns differently, so it is important for me to realize and remember when planning lessons and I must remember that each activity and lesson will change every year based on the students that I have.

From working in classrooms before I have learned that students learn better when the activities are meaningful, and they can relate to them. It gives them motivation and a reason to pay attention. I have also learned and believe in that a classroom should be a safe, caring community where children can blossom and grow.

Facilitating that process and help students to learn by doing, exploring, and solving problems. I am a believer in the growth mindset, which simply means that intelligence and ability are not fixed traits, and we aren’t born with them.

Rather, with effort and perseverance all students are capable of substantial learning and growth as an induvial. My students will be asked to take educational risks. I also want them to never be afraid of having the wrong answer or making a mistake. We know that everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are valuable in help us grow!

In my classroom I always want my students to feel loved and welcomed. I want them to think that each and everyone in the classroom is family. By having this type of environment Creating a safe and having a welcoming classroom community is important for meeting the needs of each student. A classroom should be a place for students to feel important and wanted, as well as a place for unlimited learning possibilities.

A modern classroom is not just for a student to learn academic material, it is for reaching the whole child. This includes creating a stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. I want my classroom to be a place where all students can learn without fear of failure and a place where they can succeed based on their individual efforts, talents, and interests.

As teachers we are life-long learners, and this is what I need to instill into every student each year. Every student can learn, and individualizing instruction is the best way to reach each learner. I believe that all students should be given the opportunity to learn at their level to make them a successful, productive, active member of our classroom community.

Each student’s success level is different, and this success comes with accomplishing personal goals. In order to accomplish these goals, a strong teacher is willing to experiment with and adapt a wide variety of teaching methods, as he or she understands no two students ever learn in the same way.

All classroom activities should be engaging and personalized for each class. The students should be motivated to want to learn and apply what they learn in the classroom to their daily lives.


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