Bosnia Conflict for Independence

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Thousands were sent to concentration camps . These prisoners were beaten, shot, and without food. Also women were made to work hard and then got raped and killed.Is this World War 2? What I am Talking About is the Bosnian conflict from 1992 to 1995. Am gonna be talking about When the Bosnian war started and how made other countries join the war. I will start when Yugoslavia was a big country with different ethnic there were called the Croats, Slovenians,Bosnians And the Muslims. There were Ethnic of Serbs , Slovenes, Muslims, Albanians and Croats and many more.

This started when World War 2 ended where a Leader named Tito ruled the small counties until his death in the 1980 then all went down there where on bankruptcy and then in 1989 Independent political parties appeared and started working on the countries that wanted independence. In April 1992 Bosnia got their independence. Now I will talk about how this started so when Bosnia got their independence the people still think that they were not free then the Serbs Croats fight against the Muslims.

Then the war started. So now im gonna talk how this started in 1914 when Bosnia was a part of Austria Hungary then in 1918 when they lost the ww1 then they changed his name to the name of the kingdom of serbs Croats and slovenians but then in 1929 they changed to Yugoslavia. Then in 1945 after the world war 2 A guy name Tito ruled Yugoslavia and the country was finally growing but in 1980 leader Tito died then years past and people start protesting than in 1991 Croatia and Serbia and Slovenia got their independence but I’m gonna talk about Bosnia so that was how it start.

So now I will talk when in April 1992 Bosnia got their independence but people still thinks that they are not free so the croats and the serbs fight against muslims then after that Croatia was fighting against slovenia in 1991 this was the first war that lasted 10 days.In 1992 after Bosnia got their independence there were recognize so other countries try do it but then his neighbors live Serbia and Croatia did not like that and there were angry.This is what happens when they got their independence.

Now a will talk after Bosnia got their independence so next Croatia attacked Bosnia in 1992 they were on the defensive against Croatia. Then at the other side there was another country that wanted to attack Bosnia to Serbia attack in the west Of Bosnia when they got there and started to kill the muslims in concentration camp and they also killed the bosnian serbs and bosnians croats.But Bosnia where still up they did not surrender but the Servants were still killing people on the west and with the women they worked hard for them the getting rapped and killed after. But later the United states agree to help Bosnia and that was good for them because 80,000 muslims where killed then they needed a lot


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