When Happiness Comes to Knock

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“When Happiness Comes to Knock” starred by Will Smith is adapted from the real story. It shows that the male protagonist Chris Gardner bought high-tech equipment for all his property during his middle age, but it was difficult to sell. The story of a man facing his wife’s departure, taking his children to find work and pursue happiness .The plot is simple, but the story is very touching. This movie captures several issues in people’s social life, and narrates with the protagonist in the process of low emotions, resonating and experiencing a real and ordinary life. And in this movie, Chris Gardner clearly reflects a person with a firm will and determination. Although poverty and educational background burdened him, these restrictions did not prevent him from pursuing his dream of becoming a securities broker.

As the father of the middle-aged crisis, Chris did not give up the courage to pursue his own ideals. While Chris was under the pressure of life, he also carefully cared for his son ’s inner world and told him to be a man.“People can’t do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you cannot do it.“As one of my favorite quotes in this movie,it`s also shows the love through his sons.Although Chris is stubbornly supporting himself, he also wants to support his son’s hope.As a diligent salesman, Chris did not get the expected return after betting all his savings, so it was always very difficult to climb up after frustration.

But in the end, Chris desperately seized the unexpected internship opportunity of the financial company and used the opportunity of the Rubik’s cube to gain the favor of the financial company manager. This is very valuable and extremely responsible for a man from middle to middle age.Chris travels alone between kindergarten and company, working hard and taking care of his son’s life, then privately uses his free time to make up for his expertise.As result,Chris had brought a lot business to the company by using his salesman`s experience.This performance let Chris gains the company’s trust and also make him become stockbroker for the company.

This film not only satisfies the current audience’s desire for emotion, the pain of unemployment, and more importantly, the film reveals a profound philosophy of life.This movie ultimately wants to tell the audience that trivial things are the essence and normality of life. Many people desire a stable life, but it is difficult to achieve. But what needs to be understood is that understanding and facing the essence of life is not a sad thing. The important thing is to have the courage to stand up, face the fate, and have the ability to break it. This is necessary for happiness to finally come.


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