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Benefits of Mars Colonization in Future

Imagine Earth as a planet where life can no longer thrive and grow. The human population is facing extinction, and the only hope for survival is to relocate the human race into space. There are three possible settlements that could potentially be the next human habitat. The first possible settlement is a large space station,…


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It Is too Early to Colonize Mars

In my opinion, the United States should fund a mission to Mars. This mission would strictly be for exploration and not for colonization. I believe that the mission should strictly be for exploration because there is just to much uncertainty about Mars. There are ground-breaking ideas and theories about mars continuously being discovered. Due to…


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Martian Base Design

Abstract A Mars colony is integral for further research into space and our universe, so a permanent, self-sustaining colony is needed for Mars. The ideal place for such a colony is in the northern lowlands of the Medusae Fossae Formation. This offers several advantages including a large deposit of water in the form of water…


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Mars Observation

At the Sommers-Bausch observing night the first thing I observed was Mars, a 4 billion-year-old planet. It was a clear night on Tuesday, November 6th. When looking through the telescope I saw mars as a bright red star with gleams of light coming out of all sides. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun…


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Missions to Get Humans on Mars

Since the beginning, mankind has always wanted to explore the unknown. From Christopher Columbus to Louis and Clark, the curiosity of mystery has captivated the population to dream of the impossible; for some, their dreams were quite literally to reach for the stars. The final frontier became a reality with the launching of Sputnik 1,…


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Mars Exploration Rover Spirit

The Rover for this project is based on the Spirit Rover. Spirit is one of two Rovers that NASA has launched in 2003 as part of the $800 million Mars Exploration Rover mission. The Spirit arrived to Mars January 2004, they were trying to figure out if life ever existed on Mars. The promised warranty…


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Oxygen Production on Mars

When one ponders the possibility of breathing on the red planet, it seems the odds of achieving it are astronomical. But using technology developed by NASA and other companies bent on colonising mars, there is the opportunity finish their research and calculate how much oxygen is needed and what steps needed to survive. One of…


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