The Positive Impact of Fast Food Cause And Effect Essay

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At the time of the entry of the industrial era, fast food directly entered the culinary world. The United States is the first to make fast food. The American food industry began to think hard in the Industrial era requiring a short and flexible time in completing tasks. Workers in the industrial era are currently not having a lot of rest and working hours are very crowded. At the same time, women are now starting work, as a result they cannot read the homework and office work schedules and finally leave homework. Needed, on that side no one filled out homework. Food is part of social change in society and encourages the

American food industry to be motivated to innovate making fast food.
In Indonesia alone the entry of the fast food industry began in the 1970s such as KFC and then entered other fast food restaurants such as McDonald ‘s, RECHEES, Burger King. Indonesia’s openness to fast food causes the spread of the company to all regions in remote parts of Indonesia.

Fast food is food that is cooked instantaneously using available ingredients and without a long wait for the manufacturing process. Fast food that we know a lot like for example instant noodles, instant coffee. But people don’t know much that not all fast food is bad for health. Fast food is usually equated with junk food because junk food is also a fast serving. Junk food is another word for foods with limited nutritional content.

Included in the type of junk food are chips, candy, all sweet dessert, fried fast food, and soda or carbonated drinks and so on. Junk food also contains lots of sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol. If this amount is too much in the body, it will cause many diseases such as obesity, heart disease and cancer. The amount of consumption of fast food in Indonesia is significant and always increases even though the general argument about the improperness of fast food in the community is widespread.

Fast food is more efficient. Impatient to wait for food and drinks. Fast food is efficient for very busy people. Fast food actually gives positive impact according to some people. Suppose a boarding house child who cannot cook, someone who wakes up late, does not want to bother himself.

Effects of visual fast food Culture

The increasingly widespread use of communication technology that penetrates the boundaries between countries has triggered a ‘war’ culture through very diverse visual shows, both in the form of expansion of cultural ideologies from major countries, as well as the entry of modern artifacts from those countries to developing countries. This phenomenon is often referred to as a new form of colonialization. Visual culture is a form of cultural concepts (values) and material culture (objects) that can be immediately captured by the visual senses (eyes), and can be understood as a model of the human mind to improve the quality of life.

The visual culture encompasses various aspects related to the final form of human ideas for ‘worldwide’: to exist in the herald of civilization. its forms vary from monumental sensory phenomena, such as urban faces, architectural figures, public facilities, TV shows, to simple forms, such as toothpicks, graffiti, key chains, or text on T-shirts. Indonesia, like a ‘deaf-blind’ country, faces every step taken by developed countries in running the fast food industry in various regions. The jargon in order to think positively about the various offers of food products from other countries causes the young generation to easily accept it.

Fast food in view of subjectivity and cultural identity

The view of the study of contemporary culture or cultural studies judges that our view of ourselves is self-identity, while the expectations and views of others about ourselves are called social identities. Exploring identity means investigating how we see ourselves and how others see ourselves. The development of fast food and junk food in Indonesia affects life style changes. Young people prefer to eat fast food like at McDonald’s, KFC and so on, compared to local food.

So, not only to taste or to meet physical needs, but they buy patterns and lifestyles, so that they become modern people. There are new norms in society as if people will become outdated if they have never consumed pizza, hamburgers, and various other fast food and junk food products. So what happens is that people become the subject of these food products that change their identity.

The criteria that can be considered fast food is that the food can be waited 7-10 minutes and at least. if the food packaging has been opened, it must be spent immediately. because, if not spent the food will wither or weaken and will enter the wind so that when eating it will not be as delicious as when opening it again. for example bread.
In addition to people’s confusion over the negative effects of fast food, the Indonesian people, if viewed from a cultural perspective, monotonous people prefer fast food because it is more efficient in terms of time, there is a visual influence from the outside and can add value to other people’s views because more modern, complex problems of thought occur in the community.


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What are the positive and negative effects of fast food?
Fast food is rich in calories and sugar that contribute to increased-weight gain . Fast food replaces healthy eating habits. People who eat fast foods are less likely to eat vegetables, fruits, and milk. Fast food can be a good way to save time; however, it is not the right way for nutrition.
What are the positive effect of fast food?
The positive effects of fast food are that it is convenient and it is typically less expensive than other types of food.
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