Fast Food Industry

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I do not support what the fast-food is doing, but the argument is the support of the industry. In this land of the free trade, all industries are not equal. It’s ethical for customers not to see all industries the same they are different regarding products and services they offer. They have the individual freedom in picking the business that suits regarding affordability, availability, and where are the most satisfied. I do not believe it is unfair or unethical for the Fast-food industry to be treated as such. With the fast food industry, their concern is to increase sales and make a profit. “The U.S. food industry, FDA and USDA are highly corrupt to protect profits, not people” (Adams, 2004).

Eating fast food has been shown unhealthy on a regular basis. Fast food is hurting people that are consuming it all the time especially adults and children. My opinion is that you can’t take into account the best interest of both the company and the consumer. Even a decent organization with the best intentions will eventually, in the end, coming to a crossroad will choose what is best for one, but the result will not be so grand for the other. Industries are beginning to realize that what worked 10-15 years ago doesn’t work for future demographic. As an industry, they believe that our business strategy is based on principles of what we can maintain that will increase our direct influence and impact on economies, societies, and environments. We are trying to balance social responsibility by bringing in healthier options. Even though the words healthier options are used very loosely.

American’s are used to individual freedoms. I know it is unhealthy because science has shown cases of GMO (genetically modified organism) if others choose in a manner of unhealthy, then I don’t have to partake in the junk food with high-fat content, cholesterol, and loads of sodium. With this 21st century, global economy portrayed and facilitated, the government has limited control impacting on how consumers see industry or even victimize certain items that are served on the menu.

Additionally, I believe that some fast-food industries are fairly targeted in light of the fact purchasers settle on their decisions based on cost-benefit examination, or rather by applying the Utilitarian and Kantian approach to ethical decision making. This additionally clarifies why it ought to be the duty of the shopper to avoid foods that are not beneficial for them. For example, they should concentrate on an item that has better advantages to their wellbeing that would outweigh any harm. According to Simon (2006), The United States is currently embroiled in a national debate over the growing public health crisis caused by poor diet. People are starting to ask who is to blame and how can we fix the problem, especially among children.

In the modern world of business, it’s possible for a store to cater to both its best interest and that of the consumer conjointly. The best interests of most companies, for example, those in the fast food industry, including maximizing profitability by increasing sales (Forschler, 2013). Neve (2016), “The way we produce food results in a number of social problems. The United States, despite being the richest country in the world, hosts 49 million (including 15.9 million children) food insecure citizens. 50 million Americans rely on unhealthy fast food for the bulk of their diet, resulting in epidemic levels of obesity, and other health problems.”

The bottom line is that I feel what the fast food industry is re-producing today that the concern is for the product and enhancing the GMO, not of how it is affecting the children and of their development within obesity. The fast food industry needs to be held more accountable of how and what they are passing off as food. Even to the point of putting in certain consequences of how they do business.

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