Fast Food in Malaysia Argumentative Essay

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Cint is the insight marketplace for the sharing and accessing of consumer data. According to consumer data that had been surveyed by Cint in 2018, 52.92 percent of respondents in Malaysia stated that society consumes fast food more than once per week. The society like to consume fast food regularly because they are busy with work and study so they will spend a lot of time at fast food restaurant. I agree that fast food restaurant should be banned because fast food will bring a lot of disadvantages through the price of the food sold at fast food restaurant is more expensive. The food sold at fast food restaurant may cause dangerous disease and loss of the family tradition preparing food at home together.

Firstly, fast food restaurants should be banned because the price of the food sold at fast food restaurant is more expensive. This is because the cost of food production and processing keeps going up and this cost will past to consumer. Such as wages for labour, charge service, and tax. Therefore, the consumer should cook at home rather than buying food at fast food restaurants because the consumer will save their money and get the great quality of food due to good raw material from market that bought by consumer for example fresh meat and vegetables.

The consumer will not adding too much bad ingredients into the food such as salt. In contrast, fast food restaurant put too much salt into food that may make the consumer get high blood and make the consumer life become miserable because taking too much of salt. Thus, by cooking homemade food this may save your money from being waste to the unhealthy food at fast food restaurant.

In conclusion, fast food restaurant should be banned because it makes the society waste their money just because cost of food production are high, society also may get dangerous disease by consuming too much of fast food and may cause loss of the family tradition to prepare food together at home. I hope the society should reduce or banned the fast food restaurant for their sake so that the society will continue their healthy lifestyle together with their family.


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How many fast food restaurant is there in Malaysia?
2.2. The fast food franchising sector takes up about 32% which represent a total of 6000 fast food outlets in Malaysia, while the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) or fast food market was valued at $493 million (RM1. 8 billion) locally.
Is fast food industry growing in Malaysia?
Yes, the fast food industry is growing in Malaysia. This is due to the increasing number of working adults and the lack of time to cook at home.
What is the most popular fast food in Malaysia?
The most popular fast food in Malaysia is the Nasi Lemak Burger from McDonald's.
Why fast food is popular in Malaysia?
There are many great online food delivery services, so it really depends on your preferences. Some popular ones are Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats.
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