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Review of Literature about Organizational Commitment

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Organizational Culture

Balassiano Moises, Salles Denise, 2012 has conducted a confirmation study on perceptions of equity and justice and their implication on emotional structure commitment. He mentioned that there got to be indistinguishable relationship between venture and conjointly the individual once there is a mutual exchange off. once the link gets neglected there’ll be a unjust and a pressure between the upper level authorities and also the workers. an honestmean of communication can perpetually maintain a good understanding…

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Factors Affect Organizational Commitment

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Organizational Culture

Organizational commitment or commitment towards ones’ responsibility in an organization can be defined as the psychological attachment that a person feels towards his/her organization for which he/she is working for. Organizational commitment refers to the employee’s emotional attachment to, identification with and involvement in a particular organization. Organizational commitment generally governs the variables such as…

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Personality and Organizational Commitment

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Organizational Culture

A personality refers to a group of characteristic features that forms a persons’ character, and defines how he may act within the society. This study tries to relate how an individual’s personality affects their organizational commitment. Here, the big five personality and organizational commitment scale is used for understanding this relationship. The various variables identified…

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Organization Commitment and Organization Effectiveness

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Organizational Culture

Organization Culture has always been an important area of research and is considered as a major strength for driving organization’s performance. With increasing competition, complexities, and uncertainties in the business environment, organization’s culture can play an important role along with an effective business strategy in the success of the organization. Organizations aspire to build values…

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Is Involuntary Civil Commitment after Incarceration for Sex Offenders Constitutional?

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Crime and Punishment

The constitutional issues raised by sex offender commitment laws are illustrated very clearly in the key case of Kansas v. Hendricks. In 1994 the state of Kansas enacted the Sexually Violent Predator Act, which spelled out standards and procedures for the involuntary civil commitment of persons who due to a “mental abnormality or personality disorder…

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Three Segments of Workers Commitment

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In straightforward words, it is the quality of the connection a worker feels towards an association. It might be estimated by how much an individual is prepared to receive authoritative qualities and objectives. It might be estimated by how much a worker satisfies his/her activity obligations. Furthermore, it might likewise be estimated by conduct saw…

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