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The Great Divorce Summary 

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The Great Divorce Summary  essay
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The story narrates the experience of a man named Lewis. He finds himself standing at a station waiting for his bus to arrive. Once he boards the vehicle he encounters many people on his journey. He meets men from different walks of life and with different temperaments. The bus however does not travel normally and starts to fly toward the sky. The narrator is surprised but driver calms him down. The passengers soon reach a mountaintop and the driver asks them to get off. He informs them that they could stay there for however long or come back to the bus and return to the town. The town is considered to be a place of dread, death and despair. It is for all purposes Hell for people who take refuge in it.

Many of the passengers are reluctant to stay in the new place and return to ht e bus. However, the narrator and others come out and find the place blessed with natural beauty. It has beautiful rivers and gorgeous greenery. However, everything seems to be frozen into time like an eternal sleep. Even the leaves are motionless. One of the passengers tries to steal certain fruits and manages to haul them to the bus in order to sell them in hell town.

Suddenly, the narrator realizes that he and his fellow passengers did not have solid bodies and were mere spirits. He realizes they were standing before heaven itself. Soon, the ghostly passengers are greeted by floating shiny spirits. They are resplendent and bright and speak with a sense of calm and affection. They try to convince the passengers to accompany them to the mountains peeping through the horizon. However, different passengers react different. A large sized ghost refused to go to heaven s he sees a murder become one of the spirits while another ghost relinquishes his worldly lust and gleefully enter heaven on a horse.

The narrator is visited by the spirit of one his favorite authors named MacDonald. The sprit takes him on a detour and they listen on various conversations between others. One of them is a spirit of a woman named Sarah Smith who is with her husband. However, her husband refuses to let go of his pride and succumbs to his end. On the contrary, Sarah rejoices on her divine success and is greeted by everyone on her entry into the heavenly garden. The narrator is again asked by the spirit of MacDonald to consider the proposition and enter heaven. But before he could say anything, he faints.

When he regains consciousness, he is back in the familiar comforts of his home without any vision of heaven or hell.

The Great Divorce Summary  essay

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