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It Is a Great Responsibility to Be a King

 What will this king do? What is this king’s leadership style like? The king will take from the people for himself and continue taking. The king will turn out to be like the kings from Egypt. How does Samuel feel about the elders asking for a king? How does the LORD feel? Samuel wasn’t happy…




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Hamlet’s Ghost and its Religious Origin

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare between the years 1599 and 1601. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are characterized by a religious theme or undertone. However, Hamlet does not focus on a single belief but rather is full of religious ambiguity and uncertainty. Hamlet himself constantly struggles with…




Revenge In Hamlet

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Reformation And Creation Of Religion

Different religions are created when man decides that a belief that a church may say isn’t what thy think is right. Throughout history we have many leaders who began a reformation and created a religion they believe is truest. Martin Luther created Lutheranism, John Calvin created Calvinism, the radicals created Anabaptism, Spiritualism and Unitarianism. But…


Martin Luther,



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To Master Or Conquer by Overcoming Obstacles Or Opposition

The definition of the action of being “conquered” or to “Conquer”, really, as told by Merriam-Webster is to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition Another, and perhaps a more relevant definition, would be to gain, acquire, or overcome by force of arms. In the case of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica,…



Overcoming Obstacles,


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The Most Important Leader of the Protestant Reformation

The Reformation is known as the great 16th-century religious revolution1 in the Christian Church. It ended the ecclesiastical superiority of the pope, in Western Christendom and resulted in the founding of the Protestant churches. It became a movement capable of shaping history, when courts and princes made evangelical teachings laws within their respective towns and…


Martin Luther,

Protestant Reformation

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Location, Religion And Patriotism

Sepulveda emphasizes many differences between Europeans and Indians. He feels that Europeans have the right to rule the Indians because they are barbarians. He used savage to describe the Indians and moderate to describe Europeans. Sepulveda even went as far as comparing Indians as apes and Europeans as men. He considered the Europeans morals to…





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Christian View on Causes and Effects of Poverty Cause And Effect Essay

The description of the conditions that qualify as living a poor lifestyle vary among people who have experienced different levels of income. Imagine a homeless man, forced to live on the street because he can’t afford the rent that his landlord demands. In this man’s opinion, someone who lives in public housing with government assistance…

Cause and Effect of Poverty,



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The Protestant Reformation and Its Influence on Germany, England and Scotland

The church in Germany had great wealth because Germany had no strong central government to check the central flow of gold to Rome. The church was also rich because the practice of religion in Germany was a public matter. Everyone participated in the religious life of the community. If anyone had something to say against…


Protestant Reformation,


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Christian Symbolism of The Old Man And The Sea

Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea shows a strong representation of Christianity through the main protagonist, Santiago. Given Santiago’s suffering and willingness to endure pain for a marlin, this can act as the wounds of Christ’s stigmata, and Hemingway goes on to portray the old man as a Christ-like martyr. Throughout the novel…


Ernest Hemingway,


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Relationship between Christian Worldview and Psychology

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to determine what the best approach is when it comes to forming a relationship between psychology and the Christian faith. Through thorough analysis of the studies of the different processes to the connection among psychology and Christianity, it can be determined that the Allies version represents this relationship….

Christian Worldview,



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