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Christian Worldview in Education

The question of when did life begin or is there really a God is one that individuals ponder at some point of time in their life. As Christians it is our duty to guide and lead as many people as possible and apply the teaching of Christ to their lives. Matthew 28:19-20 states, “Therefore go…

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Normative Ethics and the Christian Worldview

Abstract Normative ethical theories breakoff into three categories: virtue ethics, consequential ethics, and deontological ethics. The Christian worldview states that life is the perspective in which we reality is defined. Reality today is different than the reality that was present when the above normative ethical theories were created. The Christian worldview affects how people see…

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Virtue Ethics

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My Worldview as a Christian

Abstract Understanding one’s worldview requires serious reflection and deliberation. Describing a worldview can be daunting to formulate, let alone articulate. However, in one’s worldview lies the potential answers to life and how one thinks and lives it out. This paper tries to uncover one person’s understanding through basic questions like: who has significantly impacted your…


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Christian Worldview

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Relationship between Christian Worldview and Psychology

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to determine what the best approach is when it comes to forming a relationship between psychology and the Christian faith. Through thorough analysis of the studies of the different processes to the connection among psychology and Christianity, it can be determined that the Allies version represents this relationship….

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Christian Spiritual Literature

Spiritual music is usually written about the composer’s life. It was a way of sharing their physical, emotional and religious experiences through songs. In this essay, spirituality provides a view into the heart and soul of the black church experience, which is often overlooked in the formation Christian spiritual literature. Spirituals are also sometimes regarded…

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Harriet Tubman,


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Forgiveness in ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’

During Eddie’s journey and experiences in life and in heaven, he learns how he has impacted the five lives while on earth. Eddie finds that his life did have true meaning and purpose. Before he meets the five people in heaven he feels that his life is worthless and has no meaning. He is physically…

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Worldview from a Christian Perspective

A worldview is a perspective as to how someone views the world. A biblical worldview can be more defined as a perspective of the world but with God in mind. Living in America has given me the ability to build my own worldview. For me, I have built a biblical worldview. I choose to view…


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Biblical Principles and Worldview

I was always taught that our nation was founded on Biblical principles and it is true, the first colonists did operate this way. As I worked my way through the readings this week one thing stood out to me as odd, our country’s legal foundation is based on natural law, not Biblical law. (Martin, 2006)….


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Christian Worldview

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Theme of Forgiveness in Religion in the Counseling Office

To properly incorporate scripture in a counseling session is difficult to achieve especially if one does not fully understand the subject. In order to assist counseling professionals in such areas as “Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling” (McMinn, 2011) was published to “effectively add in Scripture, prayer, and forgiveness” into normal counseling practices (McMinn,…

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Book Review: “When Helping Hurts”

In this world right now approximately 3 billion people are living in poverty, young women and children are being sold in the thousands for labor and sexual exploitation; families are living in unsanitary slums and camps and trying to fight off diseases that could be treated in my hometown of Houston with some simple antibiotics….

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Helping Others,

Social Work

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In case you’re struggling to write a Christian worldview essay as this topic is not easy to write about, our essay examples can help you with this task. It’s always easier to write any paper while having a template in front of you. But to have a starting point for your Christian worldview essay we should start with a topic definition.

Fundamental aspects of the biblical narrative function as the foundation for the fundamentals of knowledge that form a truly Christian worldview. Many Christians rush to build up exactly what they’d call a Christian worldview, building out religious truths, doctrines, and beliefs to create formulas for the Christian worldview. Undoubtedly, this approach is better compared to the approaches of many believers that are concerned with Christian belief, however, it’s not enough.

A God-centered worldview subordinates every problem, question, or even ethnic issue as the Bible reveals and restricts most of the understanding to the ultimate objective of bringing more glory to God. The job of capturing every idea of why Christ requires more than just episodic Christian thinking. It should be understood as the job of the Church, and not just the attention of human believers.

The restoration of Christian ideas and also the development of an extensive Christian worldview will demand the deepest theological reflection, probably the most dedicated to this application of scientific knowledge, the sensitive devotion to empathy, and also the guts to handle questions without fear.

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