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Reasons for Choosing Pharmacy as my Career

I chose pharmacy as my career because of the considerable interest I developed towards the pharmacy field following a medical factory tour which I attended while I was in high school. After observing the operations which were undertaken within the factory, I felt the need to directly involve myself in aspects concerning medical administration to…

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What Does “Bucket List” Mean?

The term “Bucket List” is a list of goals one person wishes to accomplish at some point during their lifetime. It’s important to not only make goals for yourself but motivate yourself enough to achieve them. Creating goals for yourself can help you; emotionally, physically and mentally. When you achieve a goal, you can feel…

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Personal Career Development Plan

Introduction A career development plan is a clear path set on how one’s profession is going to evolve. It involves the expansion and growth of the specific career or change of it in the upcoming period. My career development plan will involve a broad exploration in a career transition from a corrective officer to the…

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Relation Between My Personal and Career Goals

When you’re navigating through the stage of adolescences, you believe you have the world figured out. That is until you figure things out. I’ve been with a private company that provides contract services for the state for about 10 years. In that time, I’ve developed a strong interest in learning more about the functions of…

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Career Goals and Leadership in Marketing

The career plan that I have for my life consists of a range of elements. The first and most important is the career path that I have chosen to follow, which is a mixture of a marketing plan and working as an influencer specifically for women. Included in this plan will be a few people…

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Career Map

A career map is a visual representation about how a person will set and meet their goals. Goal setting is the process of figuring out what someone wants to accomplish and how long it will take them to meet their goals. The career map allows for students to plan out their future and become a…


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