Four Stages of Career Development

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UTAC has a platform under UPM whereby employees can upload their customized career development plan which is referred as Individual Development Plan (IDP) at the start of performance rating period.

This plan enables employees to discuss with their supervisor and allow them to use this opportunity to identify their learning gaps to challenge and improve their current abilities to perform their job or advance their knowledge as an individual growth as an IDP.

In Career Development, there are four stages Exploration, Establishment, Maintenance and Disengagement. Based on this model, employees who are at the stage of Exploration will be employees who are actively searching and identifying their individual interests in their career. Moving on, employees who are looking at advancement opportunities and are able to make independent contributions will be under the stage of Establishment.

Next, in stage of Maintenance consists of employees who have various accomplishments and will be required to update their skills set.

Lastly, employees who falls under the Disengagement stage will have reached their retirement phase of their career.

This development plan is customized to each employee’s needs whereby employees or their supervisor can suggest them on their development plan based on their current career stages.

The organisation may face a possible challenge in managing career of the employees is that employees cannot meet their IDP that they set earlier because they are too occupied with other projects and neglected their IDP goal. Hence, they have failed to meet their IDP target for the year.

Thus, I would recommend the company to encourage their employees to be active in achieving the specific goals that they set by raising a half-yearly reward or recognition for employees who have successfully met every 50% of their goals. Hence, showing them that employees’ career development will be valued to the company and the skills they obtained will be of significant value to the company’s development and growth.

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