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Dante’s Depiction of Hell in the Inferno Is a Masterpiece Among Symbolic Images

Dante’s portrayal of Hell in the Inferno is unlike anything any author had ever portrayed Hell to be up until this time. Many argue that this portrayal is an undisputed masterpiece of visual and symbolic imagery, created not only by the vast use of figurative language, but by the physical descriptions Dante includes in his…

Dante Inferno,



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The Use of Imagery in the Novel Great Gatsby

Money, it’s acquisition and whether it is “old” or “new” is of great importance on the society depicted by the novel The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel about an eccentric millionaire Jay Gatsby as told by the narrator of the novel Nick Carraway, midwesterner who lives on Long…




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Benefits of Using Guided Imagery to Improve Chronic Pain Management

In order to provide the best quality care, the nurse must use a holistic approach by addressing both the physical and psychological needs of a patient (Selimen & Andsoy, 2011). Guided imagery is a technique in which patients can correlate the psychological mind to the physical body, consequently diverting attention and managing pain. When used…

Health Care,



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Team Action Imagery and Team Cognition

Executive Summary Paper’s Purpose The purpose of the paper was to investigate how team members’ portrayal of team strategies and plays improved over time when a team action imagery training intervention was put into place. It also aimed to see how imagery training improved long-term memory in team athletes. Methods There were 24 futsal players…


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Implementation of Vision and Imagery Program are needed in Chinese Secondary School

I still remembered the scene in my high school English classes that most students just slept through. Not only they thought the class was too boring, but also too difficult. They learned passively since they were unable to be exposed to the glamour of English. It seemed that it was time to carry out a…



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Animal Imagery used throughout The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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