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Facts About Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the best painters who came out of Mexico. Her works were majorly defined by the pain she went through from when she was very young and how she was able to persevere and overcome. When you know much about her life, and how she lived it, going through her paintings…

Frida Kahlo

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Women in History: Frida Kahlo

Born in 1907, Frida Kahlo was an important women in history. She was born into a German-Mexican family where she had a very strong relationship with her father who taught her everything that made her famous in her time period. Her research has helped many people, especially those of her culture with their negative feelings,…

Frida Kahlo

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Life of Miss Frida Kahlo

Introduction Frida Kahlo is a revolutionary Latin American artist and is widely known for her paintings. She is very famous for self-portraits, and her paintings are very personal. The intimate and symbolic nature of her paintings made them difficult to contextualize and interpret. The most of her paintings revolve around two major events of her…

Frida Kahlo

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Relationship of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The time Frida and Diego Rivera were reunited, Diego had already been divorced twice with three children and was involved in various love affairs (Antelo 2013). Diego was considered by many as an unattractive man. He was around six feet and weighed about 300 pounds. Despite his ugliness, Diego had the ability to draw large…

Frida Kahlo

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Life of Painter Frida Kahlo

Spanish culture is a cornucopia of vibrant colors, intense visuals, and radical figures that have shaped it into a society that is constantly mimicked by its counterparts. Of the aforementioned figures that molded Hispanic culture, the most artistic dynamo can be found in the person of Frida Kahlo. She is the epitome of the style,…

Frida Kahlo

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Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo

This piece composition and color works very well, Kahlo achieved a very close intimacy with her audience through this piece because you can feel the pain she felt during her time making the piece. This piece tells the story of the suffering she was dealing with due to her former husband and this piece was…

Frida Kahlo

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Works of Zanele Muholi and Frida Kahlo

The degradation of women over the course of humanities evolution is a reality many people have become desensitized to. In my artwork I aimed to subtly remind people of the harshness faced by women around the world and how the wounds of suppression can be used as a reason to give in to societal pressures…

Frida Kahlo

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Virtual Gallery Visit: Museo Frida Kahlo

Known for her prominent eyebrows, Frida Kahlo, one of the most prominent Mexican artists both in her time and after her death painted many self-portraits, that typically had the ability to depict the emotional state of her wellbeing. She was not afraid to dig deep and scratch under the surface and brought to life the…

Frida Kahlo

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Sandro Botticelli And Frida Kahlo – Compare and Contrast

When people think of two great painters, Botticelli and Kahlo come to mind. These two painters are known for their incredible artistic skills and the meaning behind their paintings. Botticelli, a male artist, depicts a female in his painting Portrait of a Young Woman. Kahlo’s painting, Portrait with a Necklace and Hummingbird, is a self-portrait….

Frida Kahlo

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Surrealism Art Movement and Art Work Examples

Surrealism was founded by poet Andre Breton in Paris in the year of 1924. Surrealism’s main philosophy was to expand one’s mind and knowledge of the outside world living within us. Surrealism also wanted to liberate our inner and outer views of ourselves, verbal use of words, and personal experiences. Breton studied medicine and psychiatry…

Art Movements,


Frida Kahlo

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July 6, 1907, Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico


July 13, 1954, Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico


Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico.


Mexican painter

Periods: Naïve art, Modern art, Surrealism, Magical Realism, Symbolism, Primitivism, Naturalism, Social realism, Cubism

Known for: Painting

Spouse: Diego Rivera (m. 1940–1954), Diego Rivera (m. 1929–1939)

Siblings: Cristina Kahlo, Margarita Kahlo Cardena

Parents: Guillermo Kahlo, Matilde Calderón y González

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