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Difference between Jamaican and American Culture Compare And Contrast

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Difference between Jamaican and American Culture Compare And Contrast essay
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The difference between cultures can vary or clash. Culture, as we know, is the knowledge, language, customs and values passed down from generation to generations. Cultural tradition can be simple to follow or beliefs that you don’t want to represent as an individual even though it is a part of your culture are sub-culture. Your culture even influences how you live and act daily. Your cultural components can make you proud of your nationality and heritage.

Living in two counties is a great experience for me which opens the mind and heart. The way of thinking and lifestyle mind set. The diversities of each country have its own appeal of greatest and fails, sometimes we find ones self-comparing and contrasting the two great nations across the board on specifics like language, material objects, behavior and symbols within the cultures. Despite bearing similarities the differences in climate, tradition and economy state of the countries are vast. Culture is alive weather People show their beliefs, values or represent in plain sight. The Components of someone’s culture for example language the nation speaks, material object worship or praise, behaviors or even symbol which is affixed. Many changes are taking place in America because of the increase in diversity, your culture influences you more than you want it to or what people see, or you show. You can either embrace your culture or adopt another culture but in the sense, you can even represent both without judgment especially in America. The difference between cultures can vary or clash. Cultural tradition can be simple to follow

The difference between America and other countries in cultural lagging due to America is a melting pot of many cultures so depending on your neighborhood or surrounding areas everyone may not share your tradition, beliefs or values so the cultural beliefs may not be upheld the way it should for example American and Jamaica Easter as similarities and major difference as a Jamaican is hard for to celebrate Easter culturally living in Richmond, Virginia where the cultural dynamics are different it hard to find the food items we cook at that time of year and shared religious beliefs on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, so I usually go back home to Jamaica to celebrate Easter, other countries where the People are of one race or nationality the culture is represented a passed down to the People.

Many who leave their culture and moved to the United States for a better life usually have culture shock because they’re an encounter with many nationalities. The beliefs and values are completely different they may feel out of place and sometimes want to fit in so they automatically or consciously adopt another culture or many cultures to feel at home or just fit in, some people may even be counter-cultures and rejects society or their culture for another kind of lifestyle.

When comparing yourself to your culture or comparing contrast your culture to another can bring great awareness or some form of conflict, I am Jamaican, and I choose to compare and contrast the culture of Jamaica and the United States of America. When I first moved to the United States it was a bit of a culture shock for me because I had to adapt to the American culture in some form to have a normal life as possible but some of the beliefs and values of my culture I hold dear to my heart can never be replaced. The difference and similarities of Jamaica the United States, Jamaica is an English-speaking country and we also speak patois which is fuse of Spanish, Portuguese and African the dialect has a rhythm like no other.

America is a multilingual society. The culture cuisine is very different America mostly eat soul food which was created by slaves. Jamaica cuisine is craved around the world the food is enriched with special foods like jerk pork, oxtail, jerk chicken, curry goat, a variety of plant-based dishes, ackee, and saltfish, etc. 65% of Jamaicans or Christian and we also have the Rastafarian culture, the religious group believe that their religion has the true foundation. In America People from different walks of life or freedom to practice their religious beliefs. Jamaican main sports are athletics composed of running currently we have the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt and football which is American’s soccer, but there are other popular sports like cricket, netball, polo, rugby, and Gulf. American’s love their sports, for example, basketball, bowling, football, and baseball. Jamaica reggae music is strong component of the culture It’s played locally and internationally one of our famous reggae artist Bob Marley. American Music is also recognized internationally.

The Jamaican flag is made up of 3 colors black green and gold which represent our strength from enduring hardship from slavery. The Jamaican flag is highly respected, and a person can be jail if disrespect the flag unlike the American flag, there’s lagging in ways it is handled. The coat of arms for both countries represents the difference. The health system is different Jamaicans spend less on health and Jamaicans 31% less likely to become obese.

Culture can bring us together are apart. Culture is alive weather People show their beliefs, values or represent in plain sight. Culture can be upheld or suffer lagging from the people within the culture. Cultural tradition can be simple to follow or beliefs that you don’t want to represent as an individual. All parts that makes up our culture doesn’t change at once.

Difference between Jamaican and American Culture Compare And Contrast essay

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Is being Jamaican a culture?
Jamaican culture consists of the religion, norms, values, and lifestyle that define the people of Jamaica . The culture is mixed, with an ethnically diverse society, stemming from a history of inhabitants beginning with the original inhabitants of Jamaica [the tainos] The Spaniards originally brought slavery to Jamaica.
What are 5 aspects of Jamaican culture?
Jamaican Culture Music. Music is the heartbeat of Jamaica. Art. Like everything else about us, we have our own unique art styles. History. We've taken a special journey to become the island that we are today. Dance. We move to the rhythm of the island at an ever-changing tempo. Patois. Faith.
What is the culture of Jamaicans?
Jamaican culture is a product of the interaction between Europe and Africa . Terms such as “Afro-centred” and “Euro-centred,” however, are often used to denote the perceived duality in Jamaican cultural traditions and values. European influences persist in public institutions, medicine, Christian worship, and the arts.
What is unique about Jamaican culture?
Jamaican culture is also enriched by its flavoursome, spicy and unique food . Using the aromatic spices of the Caribbean the dishes are an unusual fusion of flavours in the world. Most popular on the menu is jerk, a spicy marinade that is added to meat, fish and chicken. 27 Sept 2017
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