Fitness Helps Cure Health Problems

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Fitness enables strength and condition towards the body and health that is one of the key components of curing health problems. Also having a diet and eating well can also prevent it and it be guaranteed that the life everyone lives is safe. Technology provides a clearer and easier view towards everyone workouts with health.

But sicknesses and diseases occur when people don’t take care and do necessary precautions towards their body and health and it causes diseases. Within all of these four components that enables to cure many health problems all around the world people should really step up into this challenge. In all making sure people be responsible of themselves and body it will provide a long road up ahead for the future.

Exercise can cure health problems through various physical activities by having a clean diet, and by obtaining rest. Fitness enables strength and condition towards the body and health that enables a healthy life. “Long-term exercise (a year or more) creates lasting changes in the heart and muscles” (Gingerich 2). Increasing number of work out per day will help loss pounds up to a higher number (Gingerich 2).

“It supports digestive health and reduces the risk of constipation which can hinder the ability to engage in twisting” (Sass 2).Studies with the largest sample size and longest follow up periods have shown that exercise helps prevent weight gain. Preliminary stretches help prepare the muscles for motion and avoid injuries. It has long been known that endurance training increases aerobic exercise capacity and cardiorespiratory endurance (Hammer 1-2).

Healthy eating is one of the ways people can prevent health problems. Beginner consume a minimum of one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight for maximum benefit, eating right is really important towards people health. (“Beginner’s Nutrition Guide 2-3).There is evidence that diet plus exercise is more effective than diet alone for the long-term maintenance of reduced body weight (Hammer 2).

“Edamame is also a good source of iron a structural component of blood that carries oxygen to the cells” (Sass 3).”Green tea is an ideal beverage to cap off a heart-friendly meal. Blood can circulate more freely to working muscles causing less stress on the heart as it pumps “(Sass 3). Obtaining a diet creates many health related strength within your blood and body to where many areas is at a non-risk factor of getting some type of disease or illness.

Technology provides a clearer and easier complex on workouts to do for people health. “They are technology around fitness that helps their health and weight “(Bornstein 3). “The wall increases that load on the muscles and their time under tension”. (Bornstein 3)

Walking on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike—can actually improve brain volume and slash the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 50%. (“Muscle and Fitness” 1) “Having technology around fitness benefits the exercise in a smooth way and beneficial to make sure people health is okay” (Bornstein 4).CBT helped reduced pain by 45% (“Muscle and Fitness”). Ideal body weight or BMI determined from a chart formula is rarely achieved or maintained through weight loss interventions (Hammer 3).

Sickness/Diseases happens when people are not taking good care of their body. “It has been shown that lowering body weight by even 10 percent will decrease the occurrence of coronary heart disease, stroke, blood pressure, hyperlipidemia” (Hammer 2). Pulmonary Disease, endurance training increases submaximal exercise tolerance by increasing efficiency of oxygen delivery and extraction by working muscles (“Exercise Promotes Health” 3).

As people grow older the muscles gradually shrink, and they get weaker” the researcher says (Gutfield 4).

But with strength training they find that a lot of this muscle loss is preventable (Gutfield 4). People who don’t take care of their body, don’t monitor their blood, maintain their diet while eating well, and provide nutrition to their body they suffer from sicknesses and diseases. In which in this cause it’s really important for people to make sure that they do important tasks towards their body that involve all the elements of fitness to be healthy in life.

Maintaining a diet is really a key factor in health that makes sure there are eating certain foods but having a huge amount of nutrition to remain well good and strong in health. That will prevent many health issues later in their future from eating well.

Technology of fitness provides a more help to certain places in the body that can benefit both physically and mentally in which they will stay on task on everything that’s going on. For example, treadmills in which they provide the resistance and calories on how much the body is burning from running. Fitness enables strength and condition towards the body that prevent health problems. Also from doing many physical activity’s that targets areas in the body towards weight loss and strength allow the prevention of health issues be at a lower risk.


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